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‘The Bachelor’ spoiler: Juan Pablo’s manhood probed? No love match in sight

The BachelorJuan Pablo Garavis was under intense scrutiny after had a blowout during the last episode of the popular reality series. Only three girls remain in the competition according to the report by International Business Times on Wednesday. It wasn't because the star sent home a popular contestant, but that he was dumped. Now there are The Bachelor spoilers suggesting that Juan Pablo is looking at walking away from the competition with no ladies. According to Reality Steve on Thursday, the reality star was offered cash to actually get down on one knee and propose to one of the women during the show “After the Final Rose.”

The Bachelor  -
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

What has fans wondering about the scenario is how can a vibrant man like Juan Pablo walk away from such sexy women? It’s not that he hasn't had choices. Or that he is hasn't been teased. Viewers have watched closely that the man of the hour has seen plenty of woman try a trick or two to get close.

However, for some reason, a little Juan Pablo only goes so far. Perhaps there is another underlying issue? Some fans are suggesting that Juan Pablo just isn't into these girls that much, and that’s weird in a way as people know he is supposed to be looking for love. Other fans speculate that you can’t always force love to bloom. Perhaps, Juan is such a womanizer that it would be hard to settle down.

Now it sounds like he is just looking and what might come his way is under consideration. After a big buildup, lots of hours spent on the show, and an intense campaign over weeks; it appears the show will end in a friendship. That’s just weird on so many levels.

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