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The attack on public school teachers

Teachers have always been revered, respected, and remembered. In many situations they became part of a student’s extended family.

Then what happened?

The reformers, who want to limit public education and send the students to for profit charter schools, got involved.

They put millions into local school board elections. Future principals and future district superintendents were trained at an academy to think and act in ways that fit the reformers’ plans.

They found politicians that they could control.

They decided to attack the teachers. They proposed basing everything including their raises and their futures on test scores. In some cases scores were published in the newspaper.

Teachers were placed in teacher jails without being told why. Inexperienced teachers who were at the bottom of the payroll replaced them. Many of the incarcerated teachers retired, thus saving the districts money on lifetime benefits.

Other veteran teachers have left the profession, disillusioned, disgusted, and disappointed in the changes in public education.

Public schools may be the last bastion of democracy in the United States, while every business has either been snapped up by the big boys or forced to close.

Since you cannot win a national election in the U.S. without the support of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street, especially Wall Street, this country and its institutions have tilted in favor of the very rich, the corporations, and 1%.

Change doesn’t come easy, but we are fighting the good fight to save public schools and its teachers and therefore their students and the future of America.

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