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The Art Starter for Autism

The number of people being diagnosed every year on the Autism spectrum continues to increase as awareness increases. The question is how to help those diagnosed and their families so that their routine in life may be geared toward normalcy, not chaos, confusion and discrimination.

A new way to fund Autism awareness

Ashlie Lawson, an art gallery owner from Orlando, Florida, wants to ensure that everything possible be done for those on the Autism spectrum as she is very passionate on the topic. The residents of her gallery, as well as Ashlie’s business partner, have joined her to set up a campaign to solicit funds from the local community and hopefully, from national outlets as well.

The consensus of the group is that they would like to create awareness in their community and beyond for Autism. This is especially true for the low-income based school that they are trying to help by providing funds for art materials in order to paint murals both on the outside and inside of their newly acquired building before their move in the summer of 2014.

The school is designed to not only help those on the Autism Spectrum, but it is for people with other types of special needs as well. The name of the school is The Academy For Autism.

Lawson and group band of charitable souls ha entitled the platform they are using to collect funds as Their project launched about a week ago.

ArtStarter is a brand new crowdfunding platform; a new way to brand a specific product to their audience. If not for innovative ideas like this, many small businesses and projects would never get off the ground.

It is because of like-minded individuals that hopeful individuals like Ashlie and her group are able to charitably help those that could really use the support. Those around the globe that are specifically seeking art and performing artist will be able to financially support their goals and missions through this innovative platform. That is what Ashlie, her business partner and the residents of her gallery are all hoping for success on this front so that they are able to pay-it-forward to special kids in need.

The timing is perfect to announce the ArtStarter platform as Wednesday, April 2nd is the official Light It Up Blue day hosted by Autism Speaks. The more the merrier to draw attention to this disorder of neural development – especially since the number of individuals being diagnosed is growing with each passing day.

If you would like to check out Ashlie’s innovative concept of giving, go to That is the place to begin.

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