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The Apostle verses Disciple Difference as explained by the Universal Life Church

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The Apostle verses Disciple Difference

Basically in a nutshell, Apostles are those who were sent by Christ, Disciples are those who are followers of Christ. The original 12 Disciples would be considered both Apostles and Disciples, because they were both sent by Christ and they followed Christ.

Only the original 12 Disciples can be considered Apostles, because they were directly sent by Christ. Even though we are ordained Ministers within the Christian Faith, we were not directly sent by Christ. Now I know some Christians believe themselves to be Apostles, there basis for such is they believe themselves to be sent indirectly by Christ based on Scripture or by the power of the Holy Spirit. My belief is that we as Ministers were not sent as much as we were called.

Where confusion sometimes arises is because of the word Apostolate. We as as Ministers each have an Apostolate, because we carry out the duties of the original Twelve Disciples or Apostles. We carry it on, but we were not sent by Christ, wherefore we are Disciples of Christ not Apostles, but who each have an Apostolate.

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