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The Amazing Johnathan to retire by end of year

Anastasia Synn with The Amazing Johnathan at The Screamont Experiment, 2013.
Anastasia Synn with The Amazing Johnathan at The Screamont Experiment, 2013.
Cari Hahn

Johnathan Szeles--better known professionally as magician The Amazing Johnathan--has announced his plans to retire by the end of 2014.

Six years ago the nationally known comic magician had been diagnosed with heart problems significant enough to be encouraged to "get on the list for a heart transplant." Mr. Szeles stated that he refused as he was not interested in taking the heart transplant route. He asked, instead, for two months in which he would change his diet as well as exercise instead of accepting the heart transplant option. For six years those efforts paid off. The Amazing Johnathan, amazingly, had successfully battled the heart condition which had befallen him.

However, on February 15, The Amazing Johnathan announced that the problem had returned "with a vengeance" and on February 24 he said:

"As my friends who are close to me know, I'm having serious heart issues that will most likely prevent me from touring in the near future. So I'm going to retire with my beautiful new wife and terrific kid at the end of this year."

With a heart beating at only 12% functionality, The Amazing Johnathan decided that the time had come for him to "retire the act and do other things."

One of the items on that to do list is marrying his partner, fiancée Anastasia Synn, on June 7.

Comedian Gallagher is scheduled to marry The Amazing Johnathan and Anastasia Synn. The ceremony will take place at 2:00 p.m. at "A Special Memory Chapel" in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A future bright with promise is wished to the happy couple. May you be blessed with joy, laughter and health for all of the days of your union...and during the adventures you share, together.

To Mr. Szeles, your fans and friends thank you for sharing your talents--which have been simply amazing--for over 35 years.

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