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Texas same-sex marriage ban on hiatus

Cleopatra De Leon & Nicole Dimetman
Cleopatra De Leon & Nicole Dimetman
My San Antonio

The verdict today for Texas determined that their state law which bans same-sex marriage is on a hiatus, at least for the moment.

According to a ruling today set by United District Judge Orlando Garcia, the state law is harmful. He placed an injunction on the ban until an appeals court is able to hear the case. Garcia made clear in his statement that the ruling is not against the people of Texas, rather the ruling is in line with the United States Constitution.

But some might not agree, and feel state laws passed by voters are above the supreme law of the land -- the U.S. Constitution, and precedent set by the Supreme Court. Texas Governor, Rick Perry weighed in on the verdict passed today in a press release that disagreed with the ruling.

"We will continue to fight for the rights of Texans to self-determine the laws of our state," said Texas Governor, Rick Perry.

Perry also said, he believes the 10th Amendment promises Texas voters the right to decide that marriage is between, one man and one women. However, the ruling today said otherwise.

Judge Garcia went further in his explanation stating, if a state ban does not have a genuine governmental point, then a state which upholds discrimination under the blanket of the U.S. Constitution is simply ill-founded.

The fight for non-discriminatory state laws will continue to march onward to an appeals court.

Perry's press release was placed on Team Rick Perry's Twitter account, and wasn't very popular, most of the comments seen under his tweet disagreed with his stance.

"Bigotry has no place in our laws," tweeted Gus Ortlieb.

Do you agree? If you do, should Ortlieb maybe consider posting that same message to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer?

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