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Texas police arrest women who called them to complain about pot quality

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Reported Tuesday, April 8, a woman not feeling as good as she had hoped after purchasing marijuana from a dealer, not a medical dispensary, decided to call Texas police to let them know the pot quality was not to her liking. After an officer arrived on scene she was arrested.

So it does appear to be true, after smoking pot a person can become upset or mad, although relaxed. What do you think?

On Friday Evelyn Hamilton was arrested for "possession of drug paraphernalia," according to Global News.

Hamilton, the 37-year-old had called police to complain about her pot being nothing more than "seeds and residue" -- still it appears the marijuana must have been decent quality since she was totally blazed out of her mind to think Texas police would help get her money back, even though marijuana is illegal in Texas.

Detroit Free Press reported that Lufkin Police Sgt. David Casper said a police officer was dispatched to Hamilton's home. After arrival, the officer "heard her complaint" about the seller being unwilling to "return her money," which was $40. Casper said, after the police started taking the women's complaint, she dug into her bra to show the officer the tiny amount of marijuana, after the officer asked the women if she was still in possession of the pot.

Perhaps the take home message from this news for pot users is, don't call the police to complain that a marijuana dealer sold you bunk weed. Maybe for extra precaution taping a big ole note to the phone that states something like; don't "complain to the police about marijuana quality."

To date Texas has not passed any laws that legalize marijuana, although there is House Bill 594 relating to medical-marijuana use, introduced on January 18, 2013, but the bill has been left pending in a committee. However, the bill if passed, would grant minor relief from criminal charges if a person can prove to a judge they use pot for medical reasons.



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