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Terre Haute City Council addresses parks and cemetery department funding, zoning

The Masonic Temple in Terre Haute
The Masonic Temple in Terre Haute
Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons LIcense

The Terre Haute City council wants to move $40,000 from the Cemetery Department to the Parks Department. They want to move the funds to cover a reorganization that saw the parks director Eddy Berg take over part of the cemetery department. The council discussed this meeting at the January 9 sunshine money.

Most of the money covers equipment and health insurance costs. Both the parks department and the cemetery department provide similar services at the properties they manage. If the council approves the measure next Thursday, it will be applied retroactively to January 1.

Zoning issues also came up during Thursday night’s meeting. Guaranteed Roofing put forth a petition to rezone a property on 13th and Hulman to C-2. Vigo County’s area planning commission gave the recommendation a favorable recommendation, although it placed a screening restriction on the measure.

(Note: Lara attended the meeting, but she had difficulty following what was being said. Someone sitting behind her talked throughout the whole meeting. She plans to rewrite this article as soon as she can confirm the information and clear up the noise found on her voice recorder.)