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Term limits enter fray in Florida's Congressional District 19 race

Term limits are highly popular with Florida voters and has recently been gaining attention in Lee and Collier counties causing at least one candidate for Congressional District 19 to weigh in on the issue. Yesterday, June 3, 2014, Libertarian Ray Netherwood stated that he supports a Term Limit Amendment of three terms for those in Congress. Republican Curt Clawson nor Democrat April Freeman offered to comment on the issue when an email was sent to their campaigns requesting such yesterday.

The issue is being hotly debated in Lee County for whether to limit the terms county commissioners may serve in their elective seats. Netherwood is adamant about this cause and advises county commissioners in Lee County which is in Congressional District 19, to vote for to let the people decide on whether county commissioners should have term limits or not on the November ballot.

Netherwood, currently out of the country, stated via email, "A representative government must by default be refreshed and turned over. The careerists in DC who have been on power trips for 20 or 30 years (and some longer) are those who have guided us into the fiscal sinkhole and ethics-free circus that our Nation is in. Sadly, we have a largely apathetic pool of voters who simply keep pulling the lever or filling in the circle for whoever "their party" has on the ballot. Why should local governments be any different? We thank all those who have stood up to serve, but turnover for new and different ideas, for fresh blood, must become a reality to save the Republic and keep municipalities vibrant. "

According to local media reports, Lee County Commission is currently considering adding term limits to their own seats, and the Lee County school board is considering doing the same for their positions. Netherwood, expressed excitement and urges Southwest Florida residents to write letters or call their elected officials to put this issue of Term Limits on the November ballot.

Also of note, U.S. Term Limits president, Phil Blumel, has opened an office on Palm Beach and is active throughout the country pushing the issue forward. Blumel was instrumental in achieving term limits for Palm Beach County Commissioners as well as the Florida legislature with overwhelming voter support.

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