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Tennis pro Maria Sharapova scores with high protein diet and Sugarpova candy

Maria Sharapova shows off the results of her dedicated diet.
Photo by Cindy Ord

Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova has a fabulous figure. However, she designs her diet to fuel her performance rather than to focus on weight loss, reported Us Weekly on Aug. 19. It's a high protein diet balanced with carefully chosen carbohydrates. And when she's not scoring on the court, she's soaring in her second career as a candy entrepreneur.

"Carbs are important for my sport, but it’s about finding the right balance between them and protein," Maria explained. "In the morning, I have fruit, then rye toast with goat cheese and a piece of ham. When I’m playing tournaments, I try to minimize things that can create inflammation, like lactose, and goat cheese is easier for me to process than butter."

Maria emphasizes protein for lunch and dinner. "For lunch, it’s a protein like chicken and then soup, because I’m Russian and we love soups," she revealed. "For dinner, I’ll have fish, like salmon or sea bass, and rice or potatoes."

And although her sleek physique doesn't show it, Maria loves sweets. Rather than just indulge in treats on her own, Maria has decided to turn it into a candy business called Sugarpova, reported CNBC on Aug. 19.

She projects that she will sell twice as much candy as she did last year, totaling 1.3 million bags of gummy candy. "When I started this I wanted it to be a very unique project, something different that the market has not seen in the gummy world and I think we have created that," Maria said proudly.

The sweet treats are described as "premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation." The line features different flavors and colors in upscale, bright packaging that rivals Barbie's Dream House.

Also putting her money where her taste buds are, she signed a deal with a frozen yogurt franchise. Pinkberry is a fro yo boutique that caters to an upscale shopper.

As male athletes increasingly get attention for weight loss without constantly revealing precisely how much weight they have lost, female athletes undergo scrutiny that often rivals the media spotlight on Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson. And just as with celebrities, the question arises: Does the public really have the right to know precisely how much someone weighs?

Max Eisenbud, Maria's agent, was asked recently by Slate magazine about her weight. "I don’t know too many women that like to speak about their height and weight. But if you look at all sports, the height and weight is never right. Not just tennis," he said protectively.

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