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TenNapel on ‘Armikrog’ funding and its boycotters

Armikrog print by Doug TenNapel.

In his latest Wordpress entry, American cartoonist Doug TenNapel talked about the Kickstarter success of “Armikrog” and the controversy surrounding it.

TenNapel faced criticism for his involvement in “Armikrog,” the spiritual successor to “The Neverhood,” due to his past dismissive views towards homosexuality. In his post titled “A Diverse Team of 18,000 People,” the creator of "Earthworm Jim" addressed the supporters and boycotters of his work.

This isn't a Christians vs. Homosexuals victory because many of the people who boycotted let me know that they were Christians. My work has never had a lot of support from evangelicals, and the PC Pharisees regularly line up to make sure I know how un-Christ like I am. We probably agree on that conclusion, though attribute it to different reasons.

He then talked about how the majority of “Armikrog” backers not only supported gay marriage, but were also outspoken members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community.

Out of 18,000 donors we are going to have every world view imaginable. Every one of them is a legitimate member of the team, even the donors who dislike me. That’s not unique to Armikrog, that’s a normal part of life.

While TenNapel’s post likely won’t silence all of his critics, it does show the development team behind “Armikrog” don’t support his views, nor do they let it dictate the game.

Just like “Shadow Complex,” “Armikrog” raises the question of where to separate the art and the artist regarding personal opinion. TenNapel has made some damaging statements about homosexuals and other issues in the past, but he has also apologized for his rude actions as well. When “Armikrog” is released for the PC, MAC, and Wii U, we’ll see how many will look beyond TenNapel’s controversial role and instead focus on the claymation adventure game that Pencil Test Studios have developed.


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