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'Teen Wolf' 'Silverfinger' recap: The face of darkness

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles for 'Teen Wolf' season 3B
Dylan O'Brien as Stiles for 'Teen Wolf' season 3B

"Teen Wolf" season 3 continued Monday, Feb. 3, with episode 17, "Silverfinger." Last time, the masked figures marked Isaac, Ethan, Lydia, Derek and Aiden each with a backwards "5," while Stiles discovered that he had been the one to leave the coded message on the board for Barrow to kill Kira.

This "Teen Wolf" episode began with Scott, Isaac, and Allison getting a history lesson in Mr. Argent's past with the masked figures. When he was 18, they materialized out of the shadows and went after the Yakuza boss, slaughtering anyone in their way before killing their target with lots of sword stabbing and blood. He knew someone who might have answers, the only other survivor called Silverfinger (due to an unusual prosthetic) who was getting ready to take them all on himself. Mr. Argent shot the mask off one – hence the broken pieces – and slowed it down long enough to get out. Behind the mask was absolute darkness.

Despite watching a group of her classmates square off against demonic ninjas, Kira was smiling when she got home, all because when Scott dropped her off, he showed her his wolfed out face and let her touch it.

Meanwhile, Scott had new bodyguards in the twins, who followed him to school and proclaimed they'd be there all day and night, which meant following him to his locker. He insisted on filling Stiles in alone about the ninjas, without them listening in, but Stiles had bigger problems, as he told Scott about the key and the message in his handwriting, only for the board to be blank and the key to be missing from his keychain. However, Stiles then told him that Barrow had put nuts, bolts and screws and hid the bomb and detonator in a box wrapped like a birthday present, just like he had for the joke they played on Coach. He didn't think it could be a coincidence, but Scott didn't think he was trying to kill people and suggested he take a sick day to catch up on sleep he clearly needed.

Mr. Argent explained that Silverfinger was a recluse and didn't see visitors, so they had to find a way in – and with only until nightfall to protect Scott, Isaac and Allison were going with him. But first, Mr. Argent wanted to know how tall Isaac was. He dressed Isaac in a suit, which he thought made him look like he was coming from the last period of a Catholic prep school, and in order to restore his confidence and make him feel like a man instead of a boy, Allison kissed Isaac and put his hand on her butt. That did the job, and he was ready to present a pistol to Silverfinger's werewolf buyer and insisted on counting the $150,000 while Allison and her father took out his bodyguards.

Elsewhere, Stiles went to Melissa and listed his symptoms – blackouts, hallucinations, sleepwalking, anxiety, panic attacks, inability to read and focus, irritability (to the point of homicide) eight hours of sleep in three days, etc. – and she prescribed one sedative. "Thanks, Mom," he said, melting everyone's hearts as he fell asleep. Later, Melissa checked in on Stiles before looking at his chart and comparing it to…Claudia Stilinski's.

At the end of the day, Scott ditched the twins, thanks to some more meddling with their bikes, and took off with Kira. He took her to her house, where all they could do was wait for Melissa to get home to activate the new alarm system his boss (no, not someone in security, but a veterinarian) installed. While they waited, she asked if he'd ever heard of a kitsune. A kitsune could create fire or lightning, called foxfire, by rubbing its tails together. No, she didn't have any tails. But the kitsune was psychic, Kira teased before letting Scott off the hook as he worried about anything he ever thought in her presence. With the sun setting, she remarked she should get home for dinner, but he suggested she just tell her parents she was out on a date. When she commented that foxes and wolves didn't get along, he went in for the kiss, but that was when Melissa got home. Or not. It was Scott's father, wanting to know about them breaking into his office. Oops.

Meanwhile, Silverfinger's werewolf bodyguard decided to tell Isaac the whole story about the pistol his boss was buying. One brother killed the other with the gun because of their family's code after the other encountered a "vicious animal." With that, Isaac was pretty much ready to be a few miles away at that moment, but instead, the werewolf dragged him in, claws around his neck, to Silverfinger, Mr. Argent and Allison.

Scott tried to kick his father – or rather, the gene donor who gave him his hair color – out of the house as the sun set, but then it was too late. Melissa got home moments before one of the ninjas appeared in the living room, and despite Scott trying to stop him, Agent McCall decided to approach the figure that had rudely interrupted the family argument. He was stabbed, and then all hell broke loose as more ninjas came in, Derek and the twins burst into the house, and Melissa dragged her ex out of the way. Once they were able to throw the ninjas out, Melissa threw down the mountain ash and sealed the barrier.

While they were dealing with keeping those ninjas out, Mr. Argent, Allison and Isaac got a brief history about them. These demons were Oni, and they were unstoppable. All they could do was endure them and hope they weren't destroyed in their path. Isaac had already; the mark on his neck was the kanji for "self." He was still himself. The Oni were looking for the one who was possessed by a dark spirit.

Back at Scott's, Aiden wondered about Kira, who couldn't get through the barrier either. Derek thought the twins were idiots since they couldn't see her aura screaming kitsune, but there was still the question of what kind she was. There were 13 kinds of kitsune, as Silverfinger explained, and the Oni were after the dark one, the nogitsune. It drew power from pain and tragedy, strife and chaos. But Scott didn't think it was Kira, even as she argued that trickster spirits were supposed to trick, because he'd seen bad guys, and she wasn't one. The twins continued to boast about protecting Scott, but Derek had one question for them: They'd kill for him, but would they die for him?

As for why Silverfinger had a Silverfinger to warrant that nickname, he explained that it was penance for a mistake. In fact, that night with Mr. Argent all those years ago, he wasn't going to take on the Oni; he was going to run. If Mr. Argent hadn't taken that shot, he would've looked like a coward and it would've cost him his head. For that, he owed him more than his life; he owed him his honor. So while he couldn't help them, he could leave them with an ominous warning: If there was a nogitsune, let the Oni destroy it, even if it was his own daughter. Uh-oh.

Just as Scott's father was trying to convince Melissa to let him speak to his son – and she knew why he had really come back – the oni found a way into the house. After Allison gave Scott the quick rundown about the Oni and the nogitsune and explained they wouldn't hurt him once they checked him, he asked Kira to trust him and together, they faced the demons. Both checked out fine, so who were they after?

As suspected, Stiles?! However, he didn't let the Oni check him and instead, he reached into its chest, pulled out a firefly, and destroyed it?! When Scott found him and checked on him, he said he was fine. Uh-oh, Stiles was the dark spirit and didn't even know it?!

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 17 "Silverfinger"?

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