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'Teen Wolf' 'Galvanize' recap: Shocking moves

'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 15 "Galvanize"
'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 15 "Galvanize"

"Teen Wolf" season 3 continued Monday, Jan. 20, with episode 15, "Galvanize." Last time we saw everyone, Derek and Peter were rescued by Braeden, while Scott, Stiles and Allison momentarily overcame their problems just when they needed to. Oh, and fireflies came out of the nemeton to form these black foggy figures, which was really not too shocking considering everything else on this show.

This week's "Teen Wolf" began with Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski once again disagreeing about how to go about something, this time bringing a guy who walked onto a bus with a shrapnel bomb, and it was Melissa who had to do the pre-op interview. Barrow was just as creepy as you'd expect as she told him why he was there, and he just asked if Mischief Night was still a thing. (It was, as Scott and Stiles were busy at the school after midnight planning to prank Coach for the holiday/his birthday.) But then Barrow got even weirder when he surged up and told Melissa, "I saw their eyes. Their eyes were glowing," when she asked why he did it, and started screaming so the entire hospital heard.

The twins returned to school, but not for classes; they didn't want to be omegas anymore and were hoping to join Scott's pack. After they got shot down (and Scott had to hold Isaac back to keep another fight from breaking out around their classmates), their only option was to attend classes to try to get Scott to change his mind. Aidan insisted it wasn't about Lydia, arguing they were dead on their own. "That's still better than being back in high school," Ethan said, refusing to take Math. Lucky for him, he had a twin to do that for him.

Inside, Stiles noticed Scott noticing Kira. "She's okay, she's new," Scott said in explanation, and Stiles told him to ask her out because he was an alpha, which was like being the hot girl every guy wanted. Isaac joined them mid-conversation, leaving him a bit confused. "I'm the hot girl," Scott said, going with what Stiles had said. "Yes, you are," Isaac agreed, and Scott walked off, smiling.

Coach carefully entered his office but was duped into thinking the box of nails on his desk was the prank. When he lifted it up, his office basically collapsed in on itself, and when he went in to rant to his laughing class, he accidentally crushed the "#1 Coach" mug Greenburg had gotten him. Oops. Meanwhile, Lydia was distracted by the sound of buzzing around her, and while she thought it was just a fly, Danny thought she was losing it since he didn't see one. So why the buzzing? Well, that would be because of the flies that came out of Barrow in the middle of surgery before he escaped, and Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski finally had something in common: they were both too late.

Meanwhile, Derek decided to help Peter out by stitching his finger back on, without any anesthetic. As for that container from the end of the last episode, there were fingernails in there, all that was left after the fire and the only way to ask her something. Oh, and Derek didn't just sew Peter's finger back on out of the goodness of his heart.

Aidan fond Lydia at her locker, and while she was all, "I don't think so" and "no cute smiles and bulging muscles will get me to tear off your clothes in Coach's office," that was exactly what they tried to do – until they saw the state of his office. And it was fortunate they left when they did because Barrow was in there, and he stapled his own stomach.

After a stolen ambulance was spotted three blocks from the school, Agent McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, and their men invaded to look for him while Lydia continued to hear buzzing and Scott was too busy eavesdropping as Kira's father tried to encourage her to make friends (other than the coyote) instead of spending lunch with him and she insisted she didn't want to date. Stiles interrupted to get Scott focused on the bigger problem of the serial killer loose in their school, and Lydia's buzzing got louder.

Unfortunately, for Sheriff Stilinski, an eyewitness placing Barrow by the train station trumped Lydia's banshee abilities. But the werewolves were on the case, thanks to Melissa dropping off Barrow's hospital gown, and Scott and Isaac were forced to work with the twins. But there was an upside; thanks to Barrow, Isaac might get what he wanted: the twins dead. So Isaac's mood was improved, but poor Ethan had to catch Danny kissing another guy. "Oh really?" was his only reaction.

Lydia was the smart one, yet again, and realized they were basically handing the werewolves to Barrow on a platter in the basement, and so Stiles pulled the fire alarm to clear the school. Coach caught him, and if it had only been Mischief Night and there hadn't been a mass murderer around, it might have been okay? It was also a good thing there wasn't a bomb in the school since Kira was listening to her music so loudly that she didn't hear the fire alarm, but Coach completely missed Barrow chilling out in the library stacks one row over.

After listening to his daughter talk about her lack of friends, Kira decided that inviting Scott over to thank him for not letting a coyote eat her was a great idea, and what better to serve a guest than sushi. "Is it all raw?" Scott asked, setting up the cliché "teach him how to use chopsticks" moment, but even still, Kira had to catch the sushi when it fell off his chopsticks with hers and feed it to him.

While Scott was forgetting his troubles at dinner with the new girl, his teacher, and the mother who didn't seem to be a fan of his, Stiles and Lydia were trying to put the pieces together across a couple of walls in his room, and so far all they had was "here's a bunch of unsolved stuff." Lydia began doubting herself, but Stiles insisted that if she felt Barrow was there, he was at the school, so why not go back to the school and prove it? Also doing some research was Allison at home, trying to figure out the whole fly situation, and Isaac showed up to help by…looking at a picture of a crazy mask since he couldn’t read Latin (and getting zapped by her electrified windows).

Scott was sort of learning something at dinner at least, about Kira's family history. Her father took her mother's last name since she was the only surviving member of her family (flashing warning light?) and her lineage was "unique" (in Mr. Yukimura's words) enough he was going to discuss it in class. After Scott accidentally swallowed his wasabi thinking it was guacamole and called his mother to be all "I ate sushi!" and ask why she didn't change her name back (it was his name too), Kira brought in pizza, making him very happy, and he sat smiling at her while they ate.

Stiles and Lydia continued to play detective better than Agent McCall as they discovered that Barrow had performed minor surgery on himself in the chemical storage room, which masked his scent. Lydia then noticed atomic numbers on the chalkboard, leading them to realize that Kira (Potassium Iodine Radium) was his target.

Back at Allison's, they moved from the desk to her bed, and Isaac decided he wanted to be extremely obvious by sitting behind her and going in for a kiss. But Allison pulled the, "Are you serious?" card and moved away, and though he tried denying trying to kiss her, he clearly wasn't going to head-butt her. She went on a mini-rant about how she was never going to kiss him or any other werewolf again, and for his side of the argument, he just took off his shirt. Somehow she decided a great response was to then take off her shirt, and her father walked in to find them shirtless. In her room. No, it wasn't a dream or some weird hallucination. "Can I see you in my office?" Allison's father asked her, pointedly adding, "Where I keep my guns," for Isaac's benefit. Yeah, he wasn't too happy to find his daughter with another werewolf.

Elsewhere, Peter let his feelings known about the ritual – it was dangerous, not his thing unless it benefited him – and claimed to be sentimental because she was his sister, before, with a, "not exactly my color," he did what he had to, and Derek ended up in a weird other plane of the loft, where the nemeton had taken up most of the floor space. A wolf entered and jumped on the nemeton. When he came out of it, Peter wanted to know if she had said anything about him. But Derek didn't exactly look good. (Well, he did, because, well, Derek, but something had clearly happened.)

Kira walked Scott to his bike after pizza, and thanked him for being a nice guy, not just for saving her from being coyote chow, but also for remembering her name. Too bad Barrow decided to strike then, and when Scott awoke, Stiles and Lydia stood over him and Kira was gone. Isaac wisely kept what happened in Allison's room secret when telling Scott he had nothing about flies on the phone, so it was up to Lydia to somehow find her. When she said she felt like it was on the tip of her tongue and she felt like she wanted to scream, Stiles told her to scream, and scream she did. Then there was buzzing, and next thing they knew, they realized Barrow had Kira at the power substation where he used to work.

But why was Barrow doing this? Well, it turned out there was this movie called "Village of the Damned" (the original, not the remake; even psycho serial killers have good taste) with a tagline "Beware the stare that will paralyze the will of the world," about a group of children who could make their eyes glow. Since no one believed him about the kids' eyes glowing, he figured they had been paralyzed and was determined to make them see. That was where the photo he took of Kira (adjusting settings, of course, to make it a good one) came in, but then Scott showed up to rescue her.

However, Barrow knocked Scott back, and instead, it was Kira who did the saving, thanks to this weird thing about her that allowed her to absorb electricity?!

Finally, Isaac was still sitting in Allison's room to think about what he had done when these creepy black figures with masks surrounded him and closed in on him and closed the door, and all Allison and her father could do was pound on the door and tell him to open it.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 15 "Galvanize"?

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