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'Teen Wolf' '117' recap: Going berserk

'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 2 "117"
'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 2 "117"
MTV, via Twitter

The Monday, June 30 episode of "Teen Wolf," 402, "117," sees the pack trying to figure out what to do next with a teenage Derek. What does Kate want? Why is the episode titled "117"?

Let's be honest. The "Teen Wolf" characters make some really stupid decisions sometimes, but you could always blame that on the fact that they are actually teenagers. Sure, they might spend more time at the school fighting things and for their lives than attending classes, but they are actually high schoolers. (Then again, their parents aren't the brightest all the time either, considering they bought that they all went camping when they took off for Mexico, and they probably didn't even bother pretending to pack tents and backpacks.)

Just because they barely go to school and rarely make it through a class without death, a teenaged Derek on the loose or something that's not studying that doesn't mean they're suddenly experts in dealing with everything the supernatural aspect of their lives throws at them. Still, Stiles should have known not to leave Derek alone for even a second, and Kira should have known that in the middle of fighting something with an animal skull on its face not to turn to smile at the boy she likes.

Ready to get into what happened in "117"? Read on for the recap.

Girl bonding over electrocution and gore A gas station attendant makes the mistake of checking on Kate in the bathroom, only to get attacked by the were-jaguar and ripped apart, as Lydia and Kira discover when they stop for gas for Lydia's car with a full tank. They then proceed to walk all over the crime scene, and sure, they may have Sheriff Stilinski on their side and can cover it up with the fact that they're teenagers, but still, they walked all over a crime scene.

What does Kate want with Derek? Scott, Stiles and Lydia bring Derek to Deaton, but if they think he'll have any answers, they're wrong. "Wow," he says upon seeing the teenager. "I think you might be overestimating my abilities." Deaton's at a loss, so he sends the kids home and to school, only to call them back, via Kira's father in the middle of class since he keeps telling his students to turn off their phones, after Derek skips out on him and Lydia.

Derek's not only physically younger, he's mentally younger too, and that means that he heads to the Hale house since he doesn't remember the fire. Welcome to your history, Derek. It's in pieces, much like your life. That's not the worst part. Deputy Parrish and another deputy, let's call him Deputy Idiot, find him there and Deputy Idiot tasers him when Derek doesn't cooperate. When his prints come back as Derek's at the station, that's when Sheriff Stilinski steps in and fortunately, Scott and Stiles arrive at that precise moment. "Have you been time traveling? Because if time traveling is real, I'm done. I'm out. You'll be driving me to Eichen House," the Sheriff tells his son. (Speaking of Eichen House, Stiles sees a second notice on his father's desk.) No, they haven't been time traveling, and Stiles has to explain that their camping trip was in Mexico and Derek was under an Aztec temple and all this other crazy stuff.

Scott wins Derek over with his alpha red eyes and successfully lies to him about his family being out of Beacon Hills and sends him with Stiles to wait at his house. The only problem is Scott's father is hanging around trying to be a father, which means dinner, and so teenaged Derek is introduced as Miguel, Stiles' cousin. Things spiral out of control, Stiles leaves Derek in Scott's room while he goes to call Scott, and Kate shows up and takes Derek.

Meanwhile, Malia's waiting at the loft when Scott show up to see Peter because he's "Satan in a V-neck," according to Lydia, and fortunately, any lengthy conversation about Malia's parents takes a backseat to the whole "scratching someone can turn them." Peter says it's too rare, "one in a million," growling the last word, and now he knows that Kate's alive too. No, Peter, no one you want to stay dead in this town does – "I think they were hoping you would," Malia tells him – but he does know what the others need to know. Kate turned Derek into a teenager because that's when they first met and he trusted her.

Thanks to crime scene photos from the gas station, Peter realizes that Kate wants to learn control, and that's where she's taking Derek – to the school, because she wants the family triskelion that apparently helped the Hales learn to control themselves. He may not remember telling her, but he does remember kissing her (are we supposed to just ignore the fact that he's a teenager and she's clearly not?), and so it's time to head to the vault that under the school. Because everything is at, around, in or under Beacon Hills High. In order to get to the vault, Derek just has to open the entrance that's under the sign, and it's so obviously marked, you have to wonder why it's never been mentioned before.

He's been robbed! Peter joins Kate in the vault and reveals that the pendant is not her magical answer to control. He taught Derek another way to control the shift, by using anger. "Let's get angry," he tells her, channeling the Joker. But before anything can happen, someone throws flash grenades down into the vault, and Kate leaves. Someone (the Benefactor?) comes in, opens the big safe in the middle of the room, takes out a briefcase and leaves. When Lydia and Stiles join Peter in the vault, he reveals that he's been robbed – of $117 million.

Trouble at school. Again. Scott, Peter and Malia arrive at the school only to face off with Berserkers, and when they think there's just one, Peter takes off running. Scott and Malia end up having to face two Berserkers and are nowhere near successful. Kira shows up with her katana and seems to be doing an okay job, until she turns to look back at Scott, then she too joins them on the floor. Then Derek shows up and starts fighting, and when the Berserkers have left and the fight's over, he's back to being Tyler Hoechlin Derek – with yellow eyes.

"Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 2 "117"?

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