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Teen saves disabled man and dog from an apartment fire

Teen helps rescue man and dog from apartment fire
Teen helps rescue man and dog from apartment fire
Screen shot via KCRA News

According to Monday's KCRA News, a 14-year-old boy saved a disabled man and a dog from a burning apartment in Fairfield, Calif., last weekend.

Latrell McCockren realized that something was wrong on Saturday evening when he smelled smoke. The teen quickly took action, grabbing a fire extinguisher and running up the stairs of the complex. McCockren described what happened to KCRA News:

"I ran from up here (on the second floor),"

"I kicked that fire extinguisher in. I saw the old guy stumbling, so I picked him up and took him down there, to where the other guys were. I gave him water and a chair.

The 62-year-old man told the boy that his dog was still inside, so McCockren headed back into the building; he stated:

I went back where the dog was – back into the room where the furniture was,

"I opened the door and the dog came out.

The teen entered the building one last time to ensure that nobody else was trapped in the blaze - he explained why:

It’s not right to sit there and watch someone die,"

That would sit on me for the rest of my life and I can’t do that."

McCockren suffered the effects of smoke inhalation, but he is expected to be okay.

According to The Reporter, the Fairfield Fire Department praised the teen's heroic actions, but advised that entering a burning structure is dangerous, especially without proper equipment and training.

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