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‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham won’t warn Sophia about sex tape dangers?

Farrah Abraham
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham may think that she is an awesome mother to her daughter, Sophia, but many question her as a parent because she willingly decided to film several sex tapes and sell them for a reported million dollars. She once encouraged everyone to film a sex tape because she felt it was so liberating. But now, she may have changed her mind. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on July 16, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham reveals that she will guide her daughter Sophia based on what she knows.

It is no secret that Farrah knows a thing or two about the sex industry. Not only has she done several sex tapes, but she has also designed a sex-toy line and she is writing an erotic trilogy. But while she has had mixed experiences in the sex industry, she isn’t exactly set on fighting her daughter on entering the same industry. She won’t stop Sophia if she wants to film a sex tape. Rather, she will see it as a mother-daughter bonding opportunity.

"I'm gonna just say make sure you know what you're doing with it," she has told Celebuzz. "You know, I'll be like, 'This is what happened to me as your Mom.' It's like Mommy talk." When asked if she would put a stop to her daughter making a sex tape, Farrah adds, "I just want to say it in an everyday way and hope she resides back to good values eventually.”

Of course, Farrah doesn’t have strong relationships with her “Teen Mom” co-stars. In fact, they have all distanced themselves from her after she has publicly shared her opinions of them. She has called out Catelynn and Tyler for supposedly getting pregnant again. She has slammed Jenelle for her various acts, including getting arrested and getting pregnant with Kaiser. And yet, she doesn’t really care about losing them as friends or a support network.

Even though Farrah will have to talk to Sophia about her past at some point, it is scary to think that Farrah won’t be setting any guidelines for Sophia to keep her away from that environment. Maybe Farrah thinks that Sophia should do what makes her money. What do you think of Farrah’s thought process?

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