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‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham’s sex life is not like her sex tapes

Farrah Abraham
Photo by Michael Buckner

Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham filmed several sex tapes last year. She claimed that she was fooled into having sex with someone who she dated, but it was later revealed that she wanted a sex tape deal like Kim Kardashian, where she could make money from the sale of the tape. But it turns out that it may all have been faked for the cameras. According to a new Radar Online report published on July 6, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is now revealing that her sex life is not like her movies.

In her movies, Farrah is willing to try anything, making her seem like a very open and experimental girl. And yet, she is revealing that she doesn’t have much sex in her personal life. She is busy taking care of her daughter. “My personal sex life isn’t that great,” Farrah revealed. “We all know that my sex life really isn’t that hot or crazy.” Many are surprised by this answer.

However, she is focusing on other aspects of her life, including her novels. She has been writing books, including exploring her erotic side in her upcoming book. “I just wanted something wild and crazy and I think as women, we don’t do these things in real life,” she explains. “We just need to get wild and crazy in our heads. I’m happy as a writer that I got to take my mind to other places.”

She has revealed that she wouldn’t encourage people to film sex tapes to boost their self-esteem. She would much rather work hard and focus on her career than film another sex tape. Many people have been concerned about Sophia and her role in everything. Farrah claims that Sophia doesn’t know that she was in a few sex tapes and claims that she is sheltered in that way. And yet, they are doing therapy to deal with some of their issues.

Do you think that Farrah regrets her sex tapes?

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