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Teen girl awakens to naked burglar watching her sleep

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Police in Longwood, Florida, are searching for a burglar responsible for traumatizing one 17-year-old girl and creating general safety and security concerns throughout her neighborhood. Ashley Holt said she woke up around 3:45 a.m. on a hot July morning “because the hallway light was on and her bedroom door was open”, according to a July 17 report from the Daily News. But on this particular morning, when she opened her eyes to the hallway light shining into her bedroom, she could see a naked stranger standing in the doorway of her bedroom, just watching her as she lay in bed.

With Ashley’s help, the police in Longwood came up with an artist’s rendering of the burglar. The sketch only depicts the perv from the shoulders up. Police described the man as “a heavyset white male, approximately 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall with thinning hair.” According to WKMG in Orlando, police say the man broke into Ashley’s family home with the intention of burglarizing the residence.

Although Ashley wasn’t physically injured or assaulted, the July 1 incident has left the teen traumatized and afraid. She can’t and won’t sleep in her own bedroom anymore, saying that "I sat there for a second and looked at the door and all of a sudden I see a naked guy." Ashley added that she now hates trying to go to sleep in her bedroom. "I can't sleep in my own room," she said. Ashley didn’t recognize the burglar and said she never saw him before the morning she woke to the naked stranger standing in her doorway.

Ashley’s mother said that the burglar was a smart one, and got into the house by removing window screens in the rear of the home. The burglar had stacked the screens up neatly and had a planned escape route out of the house.

Ashley told the police that when the naked burglar realized she was awake, he ran from the house via the front door. Longwood Police have been searching for the man ever since and fear that his next break-in could be more violent. Anyone recognizing the man in the sketch, or anyone with any information regarding the case is asked to call the Longwood Police Department at 407-260-3400.



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