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Teen gets burned by iPhone

A student in Maine was treated for first -and -second degree burns by her cellphone. According to WMTV8 in Maine, a student from Kennebunk Middle School had an iPhone in her pocket and the iPhone had caught on fire causing injury to the teen.

iPhone burns teen
Tanya Rena' Jefferson

The 13-year-old girl was injured by the iPhone while having the iPhone in her pants pocket. "The girl sat down in a classroom and heard a pop, and smoke began billowing from the back of her pants."

The principal stated three of the classmates came to her aid when her pants caught on fire and one of the students went to get a teacher who then came with an extinguisher to put out the fire.

Why did the iPhone catch on fire? According to USA Today " Fire officials in Kennebunk are investigating but one speculates to Seacoast Online that the phone's battery "shorted out" when the girl sat down."

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