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Teen dad sentenced after breaking 19 bones in newborn son

The father said that the severe child abuse dealt out to his then 20-day-old son wasn't intentional.
The father said that the severe child abuse dealt out to his then 20-day-old son wasn't intentional.
Sparta Police Department

A teen father from Sparta, Mich., charged with first-degree child abuse last July after his 20-day-old baby was discovered with 19 broken bones in his little body, was sentenced to “between three-and-a-half and 10 years” in prison for his cowardly acts of violence against the newborn.

Fox News reported on Feb. 5 that 19-year-old David Steiger pleaded no contest to the child abuse charge on Jan. 13 in a Kent County courtroom.

Steiger was arrested last summer after baby Jaxon was taken to the hospital because he wouldn’t stop crying. While at the hospital, doctors discovered the 19 broken bones in Jaxon’s body.

In July, Steiger told police that he "could" be responsible for the baby’s broken bones, but really didn't remember anything due to the fact that he had blacked out.

He said his son fell off the couch while he was watching him, and he admitted to police that he pushed his son’s leg until he heard a “pop” sound.

That sound, according to police, was the baby’s femur and tibia breaking. The remaining broken bones were discovered after the infant was taken to the hospital.

Steiger said that the abuse wasn't intentional; and that he didn't break the baby’s 19 bones on purpose.

After his initial story about baby Jaxon falling off the couch, Steiger told investigators that the damage to Jaxon may have occurred while he was changing the baby’s diaper.

“When I was changing his diaper, and he crosses his legs up and brings them up to his chest and I was kind of pushing his legs down to put the, strap the diaper up, and I thought like, it was just like me popping my finger, but I guess not, his little leg just popped.”

Steiger said he took the baby boy to the hospital when he noticed the child’s leg seemed sore.

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