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Teddy: Lab mix at overcrowded shelter in Columbus County, NC needs rescue

Check out Teddy's floppy ears; they move with his moods. What a great dog who deserves a wonderful home.
Check out Teddy's floppy ears; they move with his moods. What a great dog who deserves a wonderful home.
Urgent Dogs of Columbus County Animal Shelter NC

An emergency plea went out to social media on Thursday morning about the critical need for rescue organizations and would be responsible adopters to come forward and help with the overcrowding situation at the Columbus County Animal Shelter in NC (CCAC).

The plaintive cry for help stated:

"EMERGENCY! The shelter is completely full including doubled up dogs, and there is now a line of people waiting to surrender animals! Loretta is trying to make them wait until a kennel opens, but she is not legally allowed to refuse these new intakes. And the officers will bring in more dogs in a few hours."

One such candidate ready to begin his new life is Teddy, a Labrador retriever mix who has pledges ready to be donated to an approved rescue to help with Teddy's expenses until he finds his new hope. Follow Teddy's rescue thread by clicking here.

"Is there ANY rescue able to pull a dog today? The dogs on the euth list are in danger but any dog who leaves may save lives. If you are on the approved list to pull, please do not wait for us - call the vet (Columbus 910-654-6952 or South Robeson 910-628-7178) and get the dog out."

What this shelter does not need is for someone to "save" a dog today and then dump him/her here or elsewhere tomorrow. If you cannot offer true rescue or a forever home, please do not pull.

Urgent Dogs of Columbus County Animal Shelter, NC is a volunteer run crossposting page for dogs at CCAC in Whiteville, NC. Please see the rescue/adoption process on each photo to save a dog.

Please share this desperate situation with your friends, family and coworkers. Sharing only takes a few moments of your time, and just one contact with that special person who falls in love with any of these beautiful dogs means another life saved.

If interested in adopting any dog from this shelter, please click here and follow instructions carefully.

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