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Ted Cruz on illegal aliens: 'Throw Harry Reid out'

President Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is threatening the Republicans with the prospect of allowing thousands of illegal aliens already deported to come back to the U.S., provided they have visible ties to Southern California, according to news reports on Wednesday. In fact, the White House and the Democrat lawmakers led by the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada, have already planned to spend millions of taxpayers' dollars on a media campaign in Mexico "advertising" the latest illegal alien bonanza.

To many conservatives, the way to stop "America's fundamental transformation" isn't impeaching Obama, it's throwing out Harry Reid.
U.S. Senate Photo Archives

But rather than displaying fear in response a Obama's continued illegal illegal alien whirlwind, during a speech he gave at an Americans for Prosperity event in his home state of Texas, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told a cheering crowd that he more than welcomes the issue of immigration being decided in the upcoming midterm elections in November.

"[It was ]President Obama who made a decision to make this election a national referendum on [illegal alien] amnesty," Cruz said in reference to an expected executive order on immigration from the White House.

"If you support amnesty, vote Democrat. If you oppose amnesty, throw Harry Reid out," he told a crowd that rose to its feet applauding and cheering.

Cruz's warning about Obama's immigration reform by executive fiat, an action that resulted in part in Obama being sued by the House of Representatives on constitutional principles, increased the fear by Democrats that due to the recent border crisis more Americans have voiced their opposition to the "Dreamer" program and the thought of give full or partial amnesty to more than 11 million illegal aliens.

"When Americans saw tens of thousands of illegal aliens storm the U.S. border, suddenly the reality of illegal immigration became clearer: The advent of the end of national sovereignty and the watering-down of the meaning of American citizenship," said former military intelligence operative and NYPD police officer Michael Snopes.

Cruz's supporters respect his willingness to speak out boldly on issues such as immigration and the 2010 power-grab known as Obamacare. Tired of a GOP that has blurred its differences with Democrats in hopes of appealing to Hispanic voters, conservatives are seeking the second-coming of Ronald Reagan.

Cruz and other conservatives appear to be already enjoying successes against Obama and his minions with the immigration issue, said one GOP strategist.

"While they were once gung-ho about incremental amnesty, the Democrats have put the breaks on pushing for immigration reform before the November elections. But Cruz and his supporters know that the key to stonewalling Obama is to dethrone Harry 'the body odor' Reid," said political strategist Mike Baker.

"If the GOP controls both houses of Congress, then Obama will indeed be a lame-duck President and the Republicans can halt his march to fundamentally transform America," Baker added.

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