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Teacher duped by Nigerian phone scam asks students for $100 to bail him out

Fairfield Middle School
Fairfield Middle School
WCPO screen grab

First of all, why is the only human being on earth ever to be taken in by a Nigerian phone scam teaching school? Second, what teacher would be dumb enough to turn to his students for financial help after getting scammed?

Neither question is answered in a report by Cincinnati station WCPO, which does reveal the mark’s name — Jay Deutsch — as well as the name of the school where he will never teach again: Fairfield Middle School.

Deutsch was a substitute there when he threw himself on the mercy of his young charges, telling them he needed $100 to extricate himself from a jam. He is also said to have “told a female student she was beautiful in a disturbing way.”

Principal Kristilynn Turney sent a letter to parents on March 24 that read in part:

Unfortunately, this sub did not meet our expectations and was asked to leave the building after only 2 class periods. Upon careful consideration and review, we determined that the sub was not a good fit for Fairfield Middle School and should not return in the future.

According to officials, Deutsch had subbed in Fairfield and other schools for about two years and never had any issues.

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