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Tapping into your flow

When you look at all you do in your life in what activity do you lose yourself? You know what I mean, the kind of thing that devours your time but you’re so caught up in it, in the details, you do not even realize the hours have passed. It might be teaching, helping others, doing research, reading, writing, drawing, or maybe even playing with your grandchildren; it is whatever manifests true inner bliss for you. This is an individual gift of God, something that is special to you. In the art therapy world, it is a way of tapping into your flow.

When we connect with our flow, we spiritually energize our life.
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On the website,, it shares this about flow, “Art can help you achieve flow—which is a state of being completely engaged in something to the point of being in a near meditative state. Flow carries many of the benefits of meditation, leaving you much less stressed when you’re done. Just the act of having a hobby can make you feel more balanced in your lifestyle. Sometimes with all of life’s responsibilities, we forget that we need and deserve down time and self-care. Taking even a few minutes on a regular basis to devote to a hobby can give you more of what you need in this area.”

We all have stress in our lives but by actively countering this toxic vibration, we can channel it into healthy outlets. It is important to realize the need for this and to understand what actually works for you in order to keep your healthiest self present.

If you think you’re too busy for this type of stress management, you are more in need for this than you really know. Do not wait until your body leads with illness that forces you to shutdown in order to heal. With a little work you can avoid health issues and energize the stuff that feels right. This retreat will enable you to be more productive in the long run because tapping into your flow helps to keep your most energized self present.

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