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Talented actors Jorge Diaz and Andrew Jacobs energize ‘Paranormal Activity 4'

Talented actors Jorge Diaz and Andrew Jacobs energize the ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise

(L-R) Andrew Jacobs and Jorge Diaz stars of  'Paranormal Activity 4:  The Marked Ones.'
'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' Tour

I recently sat down with Jorge Diaz and Andrew Jacobs, the stars of the ‘Paranormal Activity 4: The Marked Ones.’ Right away I noticed these guys have a natural chemistry between the two that is transmitted to their on screen characters.

It is no easy feat to star in and carry a film that is part of an established franchise. But Jorge and Andrew’s performances energize and revamp the horror tale. In the film, the main characters are Latino teenagers who come face to face with paranormal goings-on in their neighborhood. The likeable characters they play mirror the friendly and sociable actors seated across the table who are open and eager to discuss the film. In fact, it is the ease and naturalness that flows between them that enhances the characters portrayed in their movie. And it boils down to one word –talent.

Jorge and Andrew are intelligent and good natured young men (the kind that you would want to hang out with). Jorge is the quick to flash a smile while Andrew appears to be the seriously cool type­­­­­­­­­­. Their rapport compliments each other and it is this relationship that speaks box office gold. In fact, the movie has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback due to their onscreen presence.

I discussed the film and asked about their characters they play in ‘Paranormal Activity 4: The Marked Ones.’

First let me say, you guys were very good in the film. Your characters remind me of people I grew up with.

Andrew: That is the point.

Jorge: It doesn’t matter where you are from. Hopefully, that is depicted on the screen.

You guys have really good chemistry on screen. So, did you improvise or is it all scripted?

Andrew: It is scripted, but Christopher Landon, the director gave us freedom to make it our own through improvisation.

Jorge: He would have the scene written out but, if there is anything we wanted to add to it or say it in our own words, he completely encouraged that. Especially when he got to know our personality, it allowed him to have some fun with the script he wrote. And, that gave us the freedom to be creative as well and it turned out beautifully. I think that showed.

It did show. It looked as if you were enjoying yourselves. I liked the comedy part and it was believable because things like that do happen when you are talking to your friends.

How did you get the part in the film?

Jorge: We didn’t know that it was ‘Paranormal Activity’ when we auditioned. It was very secretive and we assumed that it was a big project. It wasn’t until we tested for it and did mix and matches with other actors that we later found out. To tell you the truth, it still hasn’t hit me that people around the world are watching. But everyone is super supportive. Even people who weren’t fans of horror movies in general, have actually liked this one just because they have connected to it. It is a lot of fun; it is like a rollercoaster ride.

Andrew: We couldn’t talk about it either. When the trailer came out we were (saying) like to our families and friends that is what we were working on. Everyone is very surprised and very supportive.

Andrew: I never had done the acting thing before. The rest of cast had their feet dipped into the water and experience. I had just signed up with an agency and this was my third audition. It was a Latin lead role for a film and like Jorge mentioned, we didn’t know it was for a ‘Paranormal’ film.

Jorge: Coincidently, at the first mix and match we were the first people paired up together. Apparently after our mix and match, after the first couple Landon saw, he turned to the casting director and said we are done, these are our guys.

Andrew: Yeah, that was amazing. That we had that much chemistry that it impacted the director.

Jorge: But, he obviously kept on seeing other people. And, we got the part.

You are touring now. Have you run into any fans?

Jorge: Yes. The other day we went to the movies with a friend to see our movie and there was a premiere for another movie and this guy came up to me and he was pointing. I was thinking that maybe he was a friend’s dad or something and he says, ‘Hey, Hector.’ And, I thought ‘Hector?’ Then I realize he is calling me the character from ‘Paranormal Activity.’ I’m like, oh hey. We forget that people are watching the movie.

Andrew: There were a couple groups of people who wanted to have pictures with us.

What are your plans for after the tour?

Jorge: Well, we are both excited to see what doors open up. Not only for us, but for a lot of Hispanic artists. All, I want as an artist is to be able to dive into diverse roles and I welcome anything. I’m open to television, films and everything.

Andrew: Good roles. Obviously something that will take my career to the next level.

Jorge: Studios can make a universal story no matter what the protagonist may be.

Are you guys taking acting classes? Because Andrew said he decided to try this acting thing.

Andrew: As a kid, I did commercials and stuff. I did couple and after 11 or 12 years old. I went a different route. I didn’t take acting classes during that time. Doing my own thing and at eighteen years old I was working, dancing on the boulevard, and stuff. I thought I might try it (acting). Everyone was telling me I have a natural skill.

Next, I will appear in the final episode of the television show, ‘Major Crimes.’ But, no I don’t take lessons. But, I do want to. I think this is a good start, and it will only move forward from now.

Jorge: I have always taken acting lessons since I was young. I am mainly dramatically trained and I work with an acting coach to go over the script. I try to find things that will challenge me and I try to do my best. There is a school series I did that just got renewed called, ‘East Los High.’ Also, I have booked a part in a film, but I can’t discuss it at this time.

Well, thanks Jorge and Andrew. I look forward to seeing you in future projects. Much success.

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