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Take the Positive Challenge

Look for the positives in your life and surround yourself with the fellowship of family and friends, the beauty of nature and the love of God
Look for the positives in your life and surround yourself with the fellowship of family and friends, the beauty of nature and the love of God
Sandy Wallace

Every morning when we wake up, we have two choices: be grateful for what we have or dwell on what we don't have. When you choose to be positive and have a positive attitude, anything's possible.

Challenge yourself to look for the positive things in your life each day
Sandy Wallace

The Facebook Positive Challenge has been circulating and I was tagged by a friend. Here's the challenge: For seven days, post three positive things each day and tag three friends to join the Positive Challenge.

We are surrounded by negativity in our lives. Angry drivers, rude customers, power-hungry bosses, thoughtless coworkers, people who think only of themselves. The list is endless.

War, poverty, bullying, violence and depression are some of the reasons for negativity. It's easy to find the negative things around us; they are everywhere.

The positive is also everywhere, but you have to look harder to find it. Look at the beauty of nature, feel the love of God, enjoy the fellowship of siblings, spend time with friends and cherish the laughter of children.

Many of my readers aren't aware that my parents both died unexpectedly in June 2014, just 16 days apart. It would be easy to wake up each morning in tears and to end each day crying myself to sleep, but that's not how my parents lived and not how I choose to honor their memory.

To find my positives for today, I only need to think of my blessings. I'll share my three positives for today with you and challenge all of you to join the Positive Challenge: on Facebook or in your everyday life.

I'm blessed to be a child of God. My faith in God gives me strength and helps me through the most difficult times in life. I believe that God is always good and that God's time is always right.

I'm blessed with a loving and supportive husband. Whether times are good or bad, I know I can count on my husband; he always has my back. His love is unconditional and so is his commitment.

I'm blessed with many happy memories of my parents. They served as wonderful role models to their children. My parents taught us how to treat others by the way they treated their children, friends and those who were less fortunate. Holidays, birthdays and other special days will always bring back fond memories of my childhood. I continue to feel my parents' presence and their influence in my everyday life.

Take the Positive Challenge in your life. A positive attitude will help you look at life in a new and different way. I challenge us all to focus on our many blessings and let go of life's imperfections.

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