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Take the money and run: KFC hoax fund shut down

Victoria's Facebook page closed down
Victoria's Facebook page closed down

Published blog following Victoria Wilcher's alleged removal by Kentucky Fried Chicken reports the following story regarding the Facebook page and Gofundme page being removed after a reported $138,000.00 had been collected:

"Victoria Wilcher’s family shut down facebook and gofundme page.


Victoria Wilchers family shut down facebook and gofundme page.

What will become of Victoria Wilcher now?

Since the open outcry of Victoria Wilcher purportedly suffering at the hands of KFC staff and being asked to leave for presumably offending customer sentiment, Victoria Wicher’s family have come to face great scrutiny with new revelations telling that in the end, the incident that Wilcher family so ardently claimed came to happen actually never happened.

Kentucky Fried Chicken hoax: How Victoria Wilcher’s family pulled a fast one

Victoria Wilcher receives $30 000 from KFC. Did Grandmother lie?

Victoria’s Victories: Three year old Victoria Wilcher’s eye scar get her thrown out of KFC.

The since revealed Victoria Wilcher hoax has in effect taken the goodwill that the family had been able to muster via social media and the currying of media into quite the opposite, with the family now the subject of disgust and scorn, and disbelief that someone could use the affliction of a 3 year old girl for mercurial gain.

Nevermind the fact that the family has since been able to secure (for the time being) $30K from KFC and another $135K from a gofundme page from well wishers who simply dared to care about another human being they never met before. A gofundme page which mysteriously as of this afternoon has no longer come to exist."

With so many pit bulls and other dogs dying in shelters at the rate of 30,000 a day, scams like this one and others are so shameful and sinister. When anyone profits while so many dogs are dying due to false reports, bad pet management, backyard breeding, faulty frenzied media coverage and unscrupulous groups posing as rescue organizations, what's left is a mass case of greed and dead dogs. What a terrible shame and reflection upon a system that allows the killing and fraud to continue.

Please share your comments and thoughts for solutions to this sad state of affairs.

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