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Take part in the Diveheart experience

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Make the moments count in the water. Doing just that around the world are the incredible individuals that donate their time from the Diveheart Foundation, an organization that uses the sport of scuba diving as a tool for those children, adults and veterans with disabilities. Through their guidance and understanding, they have managed to bring about miracles. Those individuals that thought they would never be able to swim or dive are captivated in disbelief when they enter the water and actually feel themselves becoming weightless.

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I had the opportunity at the beginning of this year to participate in one of Diveheart Foundation's scuba experiences. I have never walked away with such a rewarding feeling before. Seeing the excited looks on their faces, the huge brimming smiles, hearing the echoes of the laughter and the joy of actually being able to suit up with a tank, wet suit, fins and mask, made it all so very realistic. Nothing could compare to the hopeful and ecstatic expressions of the family members who stood nearby with cameras in hand and a positive and optimistic attitude on the sidelines. So much can be discovered in only a matter of hours.

Now Diveheart Foundation is giving everyone the chance to share in these special moments. On May 24, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., some of the volunteers will be hosting a FREE Discover Scuba Experience for people of all abilities at the AD Barnes Aquatic Complex which is located at 3401 SW 72nd Avenue in Miami, Florida. Volunteers are always welcomed to help make those memories come true and give children, adults and veterans of all abilities an opportunity to experience the weightless wonder of the water column and zero gravity. It begins with the pool session and within a matter of time, the ocean can be the next step.

It may only seem like a matter of a few hours but it can mean more than you will ever know to those who never thought they would be able to scuba dive. If you are interested in coming down or learning more about Diveheart Foundation, go to or contact Wilhelmina Stanton at 561-307-8583 or send her an email at I can truly attest to the fact that doing this at least once will make your entire day and give you a greater appreciation for life.