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T-Mobile stores receive Samsung Galaxy S5 this weekend

The T-Mobile Galaxy S5 won't officially go on sale with T-Mobile until April 11, but we can comfortably confirm that on Friday, many T-Mobile stores in the Los Angeles region have received Galaxy S5 units to train their staff. How do we know? Because a very nice store manager let us see one with our very own eyes! That means a first impressions review is coming soon, folks! We are delighted with what we have seen on the Galaxy S5, especially the heavenly screen.

T-Mobile employees get an early peek at Galaxy S5
Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Samsung

There is even better news. We were told that there may be some T-Mobile and Sprint stores selling the units ahead of the April 11 street date. This happened last year as well, where T-Mobile and Sprint users purchased the Galaxy S4 the weekend before it was supposed to hit stores.

The Galaxy S5 is the biggest star in the smartphone market, with its 5.1-inch, Full HD, Snapdragon 801-equipped handset. It has the brightest and most colorful screen ever seen on a smartphone. Worldwide pre-orders have hit the millions. Let's hope that the phone can continue to sell well after all the hype dies down. It will face a lot of competition from the iPhone 6, which could be released as early as this June.

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