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Syrian government starves rebels in Homs

The UN watches while the Syrian government starves 1,300 rebels trapped in Homs. What good does it do for the UN to watch and fail to act? Cannot the US and allies provide an airdrop of food and supplies? The rebels in Homs have been holding out for months and now it seems they are about to meet their demise. The Syrian government has them surrounded.

Help needs in Homs, Syria
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

"We don't have any leaves left on the trees. We've eaten them all."”

According to a report by the Guardian:

“The siege of the rebel-held neighbourhoods of Homs intensified after tunnels used to smuggle in supplies were destroyed by bombing and bombardments. The last attempt to lift the siege took place a few days ago, but some 25 fighters were killed when government forces targeted a car attempting to force a way out. On Wednesday, there were constant airstrikes on the Old City, but government forces were repulsed by a counter-attack by the rebel Free Syrian Army.”

The Guardian

Western-Russian cooperation is negatively affected by the Ukraine crisis which has apparently broken Russian willingness to assist on the Syrian matter. In fact, the US and NATO allies should probably just lump the rogue regimes into one basket with the exception of China. The US is in too far over its head to treat them the same as other rogue regimes. Russia has clearly aligned with Syria, and Russian leaders behave as authoritarians as does Bashar al-Assad. The White House needs to listen to John McCain on this matter, and get some assistance into the rebels pronto.

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