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SyberJet SJ30 business jet claims to be ahead of the competitors

A very interesting new business jet development - the SJ30
A very interesting new business jet development - the SJ30

A new business jet impressing the aviation experts: "Simply ahead of its time, the SJ30 heralds a monumental breakthrough for aviation with the creation of this bespoke personal business jet. Designed with you in mind, it sets the benchmarks for speed, range, cabin pressurization, and intelligence in the light jet market. The SJ30, designed by aviation pioneer Edward J. Swearingen, is the flagship aircraft of SyberJet Aircraft", the manufacturer claims.

Interestingly, Edward J. Swearingen, founder of the SSAC and the engineering genius behind the SJ30 boasts a lifetime working in the aviation industry which has resulted in many accolades from the FAA and the NBAA, his name also appears in the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame.

"Years ahead of his time, and of the competition, Swearingen was the first person to recognize the need for a smaller corporate jet with full jet capabilities in terms of speed and range. The result is the SJ30. Now entering a new and exciting era, SyberJet has an even deeper commitment to performance, luxury, technology, and efficiency", Swearingen concludes.