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'Survivor: Cagayan', Episode 6 recap: Two for the price of one

"Survivor: Cagayan" Episode 6.
"Survivor: Cagayan" Episode 6.
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No one likes a quitter. Unfortunately, quitting has become an ugly and controversial part of Survivor's history through the years. The truth is, it's one heck of a hard game and the toll that it takes on its contestants is not easily portrayed on television. The rough elements of the game - the mental anguish, the physical strain - are often what the players discuss once off the show. How many times have you heard: "It's a lot harder than it looks on TV." Yes, Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: Cagayan" featured another quitter, who chose to leave the game for reasons Jeff Probst described as "another Survivor first.

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This week's episode started off right away where last week left off, following the blindside of Cliff Robinson and the aftermath at camp. Let's get recappin':

Aftermath. It was no secret that former Brawn members Trish and Lindsey didn't like each other, but upon returning to their camp, things got ugly and nasty quite quickly. "I will respect you because this is a team moving forward," Trish told Lindsey, right before saying this: "But I do not like you." Lindsey responded with equivalent sentiment, making fun not only of Lindsey, but her appearance as well. "She's a bully with a mouth as big as a horse," she said. "And emotionally I don't think I can even take it." Trish continued to needle at Lindsey even after Lindsey asked for some space, as the situation reached its boiling point.

A Visit From Jeff. It's never a good sign when Jeff Probst appears directly at camp, but he appears in the night and approaches Lindsey, who has wandered away from the rest of the group and who sits huddled in a ball near some rocks. "I got a call that you wanted to talk," Probst tells her. "What's going on?" Lindsey basically informs him that she is quitting the game. "I know I'm going to regret it later," she says. "I can honestly say I can't take it anymore." She cites her reason as not thinking she will be able to control her actions around Trish, meaning she is scared she will "go off" on her. Probst points out that no one has ever quit the game for such a reason, but he accepts her decision. He then asks her what her low point was in the game. "I think when I walk away from this beach, that's going to be my low point."

"Uh Oh." Those words were uttered by Tony and the others when Probst came to them and informed them that Lindsey had officially quit the game. "It was like a zit waiting to pop," LJ describes. Woo tells us that he is pretty worried now that his two closest allies - Cliff and Lindsey - are suddenly gone from the game. Tony on the other hand, couldn't be happier: "Two for the price of one," he says.

Reaction. The next day, upon arriving for the Reward Challenge, the other tribe was shocked - shocked! - to see that not only was Cliff gone, but to find out that Lindsey had quit. "Two people are out of the game and I didn't have to do anything," Spencer told Probst. He then added a sentiment that many viewers agreed with. "It bothers me that someone quit."

Reward Challenge. One-on-one, the contestants had to balance an idol on a small handheld platform while trying to knock the idol off of their opponent's. The first idol to hit the ground lost and the tribes would play to four. It was for a kick-ass reward of getting to raid the other tribe's camp. First Spencer bested Woo, then Trish tied up the game by beating Tasha. Sarah then took out Jefra, LJ bested Jeremiah and Morgan was no match for Tony. For the win, Woo overcame Spencer to win the challenge for his tribe, 4-1. Tony and Woo were selected by their tribe as the ones to perform the raid of the other tribe's camp.

Liar, Liar. Given a note that instructed them on exactly what they were able to steal, Tony and Woo were also given a clue to a hidden Idol, the one that, unbeknownst to them, was the one LJ had already found back when he was on the Beauty camp. Seeing an opportunity to wreak havoc, Tony concocts an interesting plan: They are going to lie and tell the opposing camp that they get to select one person to share an Idol clue with. They'll pick Jeremiah, just to mess with him and to make all of the others worry if he has an Idol or not. So Woo and Tony end up taking some comfort items - pillows, blankets, spices - as well as the fishing net. They then tell the tribe about the clue and pull Jeremiah aside. Possibly back-firing, Jeremiah recognizes the clue as the same exact clue he's already seen back at the Beauty camp. But the damage is done. As planned, the other members begin worrying about Jeremiah and even though Jeremiah explains to them that Tony had created all of this drama by lying and that he had already had the same exact clue, nobody believes him.

Playing Hard. Proud of the drama he's created, Tony returns to his tribe and lets them all know what he's done. Jefra is impressed, but also points out that it goes to show just how hard Tony is playing the game. Tony goes on - for no particularly good reason? - and tells his tribe that he is in fact a police officer, not a construction worker as he had previously stated. "So to solidify that he's trustworthy, Tony reveals that he lied," says a puzzled LJ. "...different." Tony seems to be unknowingly raising some red flags, and LJ seems to have been put on alert by Tony's actions. Tony vowed that they were now a tight Final Five alliance and that he can be trusted all the way to the end with them.

Immunity Challenge. In a massive, multi-leg challenge, the tribes had to build a staircase, navigate a bamboo obstacle course, whiz a key through a rope maze and then solve a puzzle that would give them a combination to unlock their tribe flag. The orange tribe had the lead going into the puzzle portion, but Tony (who else?) looked over at their puzzle and was able to give his tribe an advantage. It propelled them to victory, sending the orange tribe to Tribal Council. Ecstatic over their victory, they began celebrating and Tony yelled out, "Top Five, baby! Top Five!" Sarah - the fellow cop and his previous "blue blood" ally - definitely heard him say this. "That's a pretty tell-tale sign that I'm not in their future plans, so I guess I'm moving on." Sarah said. "I'll make a new alliance."

Zombies. Back at the orange camp, everybody began analyzing Tony's "Final Five" words. The whole Jeremiah thing was still stirring in their heads. The three former Brains - Spencer, Tasha and Kass - seemed to be calling the shots now, needing to decide who they wanted to form a strong alliance with moving forward. Their target seemed to be between Jeremiah and Alexis, with Morgan in the clear. "The brains just needed a body," Kass tells the camera. "We found our zombies, now we're in."

Tribal Council. Much of the talk centered on the fractured Beauty alliance. On one side you have the three brains, then you have three Beauties - Jeremiah, Alexis and Morgan - none of which seem to be all that tight. Sarah sits in the middle of them all. Spencer knows that their decision on who to keep would be a major move for their collective futures. It's not just for now, but it's about forging a new, tight alliance of more than just three, in case there is a merge looming.

The Vote. So the votes were read: Jeremiah - Alexis - Alexis - Alexis...and Alexis. Yes, in a unanimous Survivor-vote of 6-1, Alexis was sent out of the game. The news brought a big smile to Morgan's face, but Alexis was devastated. She couldn't hold in the tears even before Jeff snuffed her torch. Defeated, she could be heard sobbing as she left the Tribal Council area.

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Next Time On...That's right: It's already time for the merge. Man this season's flying by. We're already down to only 11 remaining players and next week teases that Sarah will be the deciding vote in-between two solid alliances of five. Which group will she stick with? The fate of the game could be in Sarah's hands.

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