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Superstitions about the eight-legged creature, the spider

Spiders are fascinating creatures and for some people they can also be terrifying. Spiders like many things have their own superstitions, for some old folk tales they can be lucky and unlucky. They control the weather and other things according to old wives' tales.

Here are some superstitions about these eight-legged animals:

  • When spiders spin their webs before noon, that means that it's going to be a sunny day.
  • If you step on a spider, it'll bring on rain.
  • If a spider crawls in your pocket, you'll always have money. (Is it worth it to us with arachnophobia?)
  • If you put a spider in a walnut shell and wear that around your neck, supposedly that is a repellent against the plague.
  • If there is a spider in your wedding dress, that means that you'll have a good marriage.
  • If spiders hide during the winter, that means that there will be a quick thaw.
  • If you see a red spider then you'll get troubling news.
  • Spiders in the morning mean a sign of grief.
  • If a spider web is stuck on you, you'll have good luck.

So those were some superstitions about spiders.


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