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Superintendent of Schools gets highest salary ever for Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Public Schools Superintendent's salary is $225,000
Richmond Public Schools Superintendent's salary is $225,000
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According to a local television, WWBT, on Jan. 6, Richmond, Virginia has a new school superintendent with a salary that is the highest ever.

The Richmond School Board voted to pay its new superintendent, Dr. Dana Bedden, $225,000 per year plus incentives, a car and moving expenses from Irving, Texas. This is the highest salary the school system has ever approved.

In addition to all that, Dr. Bedden can earn up to ten percent of his base salary, or $22,500, in bonuses if he can do the following:

  • Reduce the drop-out rate
  • Increase SOL test scores
  • Improve students' overall academic performance

Dr. Bedden, 47, told the school board that he's worth the money and that the salary is fair for the size of Richmond.

The Richmond School Board agreed with Dr. Bedden. The contract was approved unanimously. He is the first outsider to get this position in 17 years.

Don Coleman, who had served on the school board for five years. was chosen to serve as the new chairman. He said the salary for former superintendent Dr. Yvonne Brandon was only $175,000. He admitted that wasn't enough to attract the type of superintendent the board wanted. Coleman said they understood up front that they had to make an investment to get a quality superintendent like Dr. Bedden.

Dr. Bedden said of his new position:

"Some things will be addressed early and quickly and other things will take time but no matter what we want the community and parents to be engaged. I want to see parental involvement increase."

Dr. Bedden's will start on Jan.13, 2014, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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