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'Super Street Fighter IV' and other Capcom games featured in Amazon digital sale

Super Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV

Amazon brought a fresh batch of digital download deals for PC gamers on Thursday with a collection of Capcom titles. This includes two different versions of Street Fighter highlighted by the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition can be picked up for just $7.19 between today and Wednesday, Aug. 21. Meanwhile, Street Fighter X Tekken is available for $11.99. You can get just plain old regular Street Fighter IV for $4.99 but the extra $3 for the Arcade Edition is well worth it.

Non-Street Fighter titles include the recently released arcade compilation, Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, sold individually for $10.19 or as part of a four-pack at $31.19. There's also the jet-pack based shooter Dark Void at $2.49 along with its companion arcade game, Dark Void Zero.

Lastly, multiplayer strategy title, Age of Booty, sails the Caribbean for just $2.49 while the alien sheep herding puzzler, Flock, is at the same price.

Note that all of the titles listed above are either direct downloads from Amazon or require Steam. Check the "DRM" section under the title for each to make sure.

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