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'Super Craft Bros. Brawl' mixes 'Minecraft' with 'Super Smash Bros.'

"Minecraft" map-maker "SethBling" released another creation Saturday for the open-world PC sandbox title. This new map creation mashes the building game with Nintendo's classic fighting series to create a "Super Smash Bros." style map called "Super Craft Bros. Brawl."

Screenshots from Super Craft Bros. Brawl, a Minecraft map from SethBling.
Screenshots from Super Craft Bros. Brawl, a Minecraft map from SethBling.

The "Super Craft Bros. Brawl" map supports four players at once battling it out on six different maps. It comes with eight different in-game characters - Skeleton, Creeper, Enderman, Spider, Zombie, Blaze, The Wither and Cactus - who all have their own unique looks and special abilities. For example, Spider can run faster and jump higher than all of the other characters, Skeleton is deadly with the bow and Zombie is a powerful melee fighter with its shovel. These special abilities are granted by potions that are splashed on the character every time it spawns.

Each player has five lives tracked by an impressive run Redstone circuitry. Lives can be lost by being knocked off the edge of the map or being killed.

"Super Craft Bros. Brawl" can be downloaded now from Planet Minecraft and you can also check out a trailer for the map in our video gallery. SethBling also goes into an extensive commentary on how he created the map in a video you can look at here.

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