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'Sunset Overdrive' not using Xbox One update to reach 1080p

Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive
Images courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission.

Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that Insomniac Games' "Sunset Overdrive" will make use of the June Xbox One software development kit (SDK) update that frees up power reserved for the Kinect sensor. An interview with the developer released Tuesday confirms how that extra power will be used.

Bungie previously confirmed that it would use the freed up Xbox One power to make "Destiny" run at 1080p and 30 frames per second, like the PS4 version. "Sunset Overdrive" is confirmed to run at 900p and 30 fps but Insomniac Games brand development director Ryan Schneider told GamingBolt that the studio has a different use for the June SDK update than upping the resolution.

"For us it’s really more about pushing the number of characters on the screen and particles in the game," Schneider explained. "If you play the game you will see there are a lot of things that are happening on the screen. It really is great to be supported by Xbox."

"One really cool thing that the platform [Xbox One] enables us to do is seamless transition between single player to multiplayer. All you have to do is hop into the photo booth of the game and boom…you are in multiplayer," he continued. "We are very grateful to be partners with Microsoft as an Xbox One exclusive."

While most gamers would prefer 60 fps, the 30 fps for “Sunset Overdrive” isn't all that surprising. Large, seamless open-world games run at the lower frame rate more often than not whether they are on PS4 or Xbox One. "Destiny" is obviously one example along with "inFamous: Second Son" on Sony’s new console and "Dead Rising 3" on Microsoft’s.

The 900p resolution in "Sunset Overdrive" is the more disappointing number in the eyes of gamers though and one that is certain to continue to fan the flames of the console war. Console game design has always been about tradeoffs between what the developers want to accomplish and what the systems will allow. In this case, Insomniac Games chose more effects and creatures over resolution.

"Sunset Overdrive" is currently set to hit the Xbox One on Oct. 28, 2014. It will be available in Europe two days later.

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