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Sunday Emilie Autumn's Asylum Army Wrap-up: Road to the Tony Awards

Emilie Autumn has a certain skill for looking majestic, as she glides towards her Victorian  fireplace, to find her tea kettle.
Emilie Autumn has a certain skill for looking majestic, as she glides towards her Victorian fireplace, to find her tea kettle.
Josh M.

If by chance you were perhaps too intoxicated with English breakfast tea to notice the recent news, Emilie Autumn has made an appearance on her special live chat platform, after a rather long span of time.

Rather than write everything she divulged in orderly paragraphs, a concise summarization of the many things Emilie Autumn brought up in her three-hour chat yesterday has been instead organized into a bulleted list:

  • Emilie Autumn realized that she was a witch at the age of 14-17, and this realization of her proclivity towards thinking in more unorthodox ways, really inspired many of the lyrics and themes for her album Enchanted. Also, the song "If I burn" was conceived around this time, and was supposed to appear on the Opheliac album, but Emilie Autumn found that the song would be a much better fit for Fight Like a Girl, where the song relates to the grim scene when we learn that the dead bodies of the girls in the asylum are cruelly incinerated. The song morosely details that realization that death is really omnipresent, within the not-so tranquil atmosphere of the "Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls."
  • Emilie Autumn declared interest in playing the character of Marlena, in Veronica Varlow's forthcoming Kickstarter-funded film Revolver. Feeling very stoked for Veronica's brilliance and artful ambitions, Emilie Autumn mentioned that she stayed up for an inordinate amount of time to finish reading the highly engrossing film script for Revolver. Details about the film can be found on the Kickstarter page for the film project.
  • Emilie Autumn does have a antique, decorative lamp post behind her, utilized as a fancy set piece for her chats. Emilie Autumn mentioned that lampposts analogously relate to those very important people in your lives, who really change, redefine, divert your life's course for the better (and never for the worse). She has mentioned that three people in her life are really lampposts in her life, and she cannot think of life, otherwise, without these people being in her life.
  • The audiobook for the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls has been delayed indefinitely. Emilie Autumn reassured fans that she wants the quality of the audiobook to be top-notch, and be the superlatively best recording that it can possibly be. Since the audiobook is only being done once, she wants to be meticulous, in arranging all the recordings. In the next couple of days, anyone that pre-ordered the audiobook will be sent an apologetic note, explicating the reasons for the continued delay. Emilie Autumn will send finished recorded clips during the interim time between now and the slated release of the audiobook.
    For those accustomed to waiting for Emilie Autumn to release things at an unspecific time, you can still pre-order your signed copy here for a very fair price on Emilie Autumn's webstore, fittingly titled the Asylum Emporium.
  • Your devoted plague rat reporter sent in a question for Emilie Autumn, prior to the live chat, and it was answered with a fairly comprehensive answer. The question revolved around the technical connection between the "Asylum Experience," and how it will structurally evolve to become something more befitting for a Broadway or West End stage. Of course, the next step in this long process of Emilie Auutmn's book become a veritable musical involves the creation of the Asylum Immersive musical.
    Darren Lynn Bousman-director of Repo The Genetic Opera and The Devil's Carnival:Episode One- has already alluded to what his vision of the Asylum musical is comprised of. You can read his in-depth blog post on his web-page, which will give you a much better idea of how the Asylum Immersive show will work. And, Emilie Autumn wishes to have her fellow Asylum Army members help her with the efforts, and she will be discussing just how to do that on next Sunday's chat at 12pm. Pacific Time.

For the next few weeks, you can expect these Sunday live-wrap up posts, appearing every Monday, following any live chats that Emilie Autumn will be doing on Sunday via the Official Emilie Autumn Asylum Army Fan Club page.

If you wish to partake in these lively, very personal discussions with Emilie Autumn, you will have to join her fairly priced fan club, which is really perfect for the incredibly indulgent Emilie Autumn aficionado. In the coming days, many new changes are coming to this fan club, and this Examiner page will, once again, keep you abreast of all those updates and more.

Tomorrow, there will be an article about an exciting Plague-Rat book project. All the pertinent information about this book project and more will be detailed in tomorrow's article. If you have ever envisioned a story for a rat that may have been an occupant of Emilie Autumn's Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, it is your chance to write diary entries and poetry that expresses the various foibles and other character quirks of the many highly personable, observant rats of the Asylum. All proceeds for the book will be going to an animal welfare charity of some kind.

If you have any suggestions for article ideas or pictures to be used for these articles, feel free to email this plague rat writer at either narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com, or tweet using the hashtag #asylumexaminer.

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