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Summerland’s Lookout Beach

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Summerland’s Lookout Beach is a local favorite for many Ventura County residents and LA friends. Nestled between Santa Barbara and Ventura, Summerland can be easily overlooked traveling 65 mile per hour on the 101 Highway. The town of Summerland is estimated to only have a population of 1,500; which may explain why its beaches remain clean and less crowded than some of the other more popular, well-known beaches. Summerland’s Lookout Beach is a one of the best-kept secrets.

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To visit the main Lookout Park and Beach one only needs to travel north up the 101 (from LA) and exits Evans Ave. It’s about an hour and a half from LA and about 30 minutes from Ventura. Take a Left on Ortega Hill Rd / Lillie Ave and a left on Evans Ave. It will dead end (after you cross the train tracks) at Lookout Park and Beach. There is plenty of free parking, a people park with tables and benches, and an entrance that leads down to the beach.

However, a lot of local folks visit Summerland a little differently. When you reach the train tracks (instead of going forward to parking lot) take a left on Wallace. Follow Wallace all the way down until it almost dead ends (at the 101 entrance) and take a right at Finney St. Do not park in the immediate lot you see, but drive further down and park on the street. You will see other cars parked. This is more of a private patch of beach with easier access to it. The only downside is there are no immediate restrooms, but you can always walk up the beach to the Lookout Park and use the public restrooms there.

Regardless of what part of the beach you enjoy, it's all pretty fantastic. Even on the busy days and weekends the beach remains inviting with its long narrow stretch of beach.

The beach is dog friendly and dogs are welcome on-leash. Because the beach is less crowded than many other California beaches and so expansive, many locals will take their pups off-leash while always be considerate when another dog pops up on the scene. It is one of the cleanest, dog friendly and dog-respectful beaches we have enjoyed in our many years of LA living.

After visiting Summerland your feet may end up with pieces of tar from natural oil seeps and oil derricks, but with the aid of some baby oil and elbow grease it’ll come right off.

If you’re looking for a lunch recommendation consider Summerland Beach Café, which is very dog friendly.

Summerland’s Lookout Beach
2297 Finney Rd
Summerland, CA 93067