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SuicideGirl gamer of the week: Kurosune Suicide

Kurosune Suicide
Kurosune Suicide

There is a common belief among gamers today that hot girls can't be also nerdy. This is simply not true. Each week of October, I am interviewing a model from the SuicideGirls who is also a massive nerd. This week I sat down with the beautiful Kurosune Suicide who, among other things, absolutely loves Pokemon.

Kurosune wearing the coolest tank top ever.

What’s the meaning behind the nickname “Kurosune?"

My SuicideGirls name is made up of the two Japanese words, "Kuro" which means "Black," and my nickname "Kitsune," which means "Fox." I've had the nickname "Kitsune" for as long as I can remember, mainly because someone noticed that whenever I smile, my eyes close and slant just like a fox's. A lot of my friends are also into anime and manga, so I basically became known as "Kitsune" around the group. Plus my favorite animal is the fox. I love that it represents cunning, seduction, and raw sexual prowess, which defines a lot of who I am - an openly sexual and throughly intense woman. (Or so I'm told, hahaha).

So I take it you’re into anime?

Like you wouldn't believe! I consider myself a HUGE otaku. You know how they say, "Every ex always leaves you with something good?" A boy I was seeing back in eighth grade got me into anime and it has been an unrelenting love affair ever since. My very first anime was InuYasha, and it was like a brand new door opening. I got into Yaoi (my secret pleasure haha), cosplaying, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese drama, Japanese and Korean pop, rap, and rock (my favorite genres) and going to conventions. Even before I got into anime and manga, I was already a HUGE gamer, so seeing all of my favorite things come together as one of my favorite hobbies is great.

My favorite manga ever is Lady Snowblood, and my favorite anime are InuYasha and Nana, but I also have a very special place in my heart for shoujo manga with a lot of romantic plot lines. (I am a massive hopeless romantic.)

Do you have any nerdy tattoos?

YUP! I have my all-time favorite pokemon, Vaporeon, tatted on my lower back, with the kanji for "Aquarius" ("Mizugame-za") next to it, but it won't be there for much longer. In the next few months, I plan on getting a massive back piece that will unfortunately cover it up, so I've been working with my tattoo artist, and we've decided that Vaporeon will turn into a full leg piece, ALONG with my second favorite Pokemon, Serperior, on my other leg.

Vaporeon is my number one favorite Pokemon, though. I've been into the Pokemon franchise since the Red and Blue versions and I discovered Vaporeon when I was just learning how to swim. I take to the water like a fish (I love surfing and virtually being in water), but the other Pokemon I had encountered weren't doing it for me, meaning I didn't find that one Pokemon I could bond with. Then, one day, after I had Eevee for a while and was still trying to figure out what to do with it, I got a Water Stone. I just happened to be seeing which Pokemon would be affected by it (I was still VERY new to the Pokemon world, haha) and the only one in my party to be affected was Eevee. Curiosity won out, and I evolved it. The minute it finished it's beautiful transformation, I was in complete and total love. Ever since then, Eevee has always been my favorite Pokemon, and the one I always end up replacing my starters with. I'm proud to say my Vaporeon (who always has a nickname) is one of the strongest Pokemon I have, if not THE strongest.

Don't let the fact it's a Vaporeon fool you, though. We're a beastly team and accepting any and all challengers!

So who did you end up picking for your initial starter? Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander?

My very first starter was Bulbasaur! I'll let you in on a secret: I ALWAYS choose grass-types as my starters, because they say grass types are "easier" for beginner players. Not true. They take A LOT of time to raise, and they are just as beastly in their evolved forms (but I have raised a Charmander or two). My favorite grass Pokemon is Serperior. It's stats are freaking AMAZING. Cannot wait to get that tattoo!

You mentioned before that you were into cosplaying. What characters have you cosplayed?

Huge surprise, I've cosplayed Vaporeon, haha, but it was a very poorly made cosplay. Gotta work on that. I've cosplayed Ouka the Divine Fist from .Hack//Legend Of The Twilight (her manga version, not her "Safe for children" anime version), Kan-u from Ikki Tousen (she is my FAVORITE anime character of all time), and Sakura from Street Fighter I actually got to meet Mindy Sterling, the woman who plays Frau in Austin Powers, at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 while wearing it! (see slide show above).

My upcoming cosplays are Aya from Oneechanbara, a female version of Ace from One Piece, Yuna in her bridal dress from Final Fantasy X-2, and a very "Not Safe For Work" cosplay of Christie Monteiro from the Tekken series.

Other than the Pokemon ones, what are some of your favorite video games?

Don't laugh, okay? I'm a HUGE fan of the Harvest Moon series. (You're totally laughing at me!) Like I said, I'm a big romantic, so the thought of getting away from the bustling city, starting your own farm, and courting some cute guys to start a big happy ranch family is so much fun. Especially because one day, I honestly do want to have my own farm (or at least buy back the farm my dad grew up on) and raise horses.

I'm also a fan of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. In fact, my very first video game ever was Sonic 3 on the Sega Genesis. I remember being SO stoked when I got the whole kit and caboodle (Sega Genesis system, games and all, with my mom and dad having to concede to the fact their daughter was a gamer at an EARLY age). I literally started screaming my head off when I realized that Sonic 3 came with Sonic and Knuckles, and it was the version of Sonic and Knuckles where if you flipped open the cartridge and inserted Sonic 3 in it, you could unlock Knuckles as a playable character in Sonic 3. (I don't have to tell you who my very first video game crush was and still is. *coughKnucklescough*)

Though, I'll be the first to admit my "girly" side disappears when it comes to ANY fighting or shooting games like Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, or Modern Warfare 3. Then I become basically every dude's worst nightmare:


Don't let the fact I play "sissy" games like Harvest Moon, and train grass Pokemon fool you. I am certifiably bat-s*** crazy when it comes to my video games. (I'm the same way with sports and wrestling too, hahaha)

As someone who seems really into Japanese culture, have you ever visited Japan?

Never have, but rest assured it's happening in the VERY near future and I am SO excited to go. I'm particularly excited about visiting the clubs in Shinjuku, getting a little taste of the "Red Light District" in "Kabukicho", and of course, visiting Shibuya for the great shopping. Culturally, I'd very much love to see Tokyo University, visit Kyoto, enjoy a hot spring, try authentic Japanese cuisine, and see the cherry blossoms in full view. Visiting a lot of their musems (especially their old libraries, though) is also something I'd enjoy doing. Oh, but I've been warned by a friend over there now that I'll stick out like a sore thumb, and that people who have never seen a black girl in the flesh will take pictures of me with their phones. As long as I can take pictures back, I don't mind at all, haha!

Last question. Thoughts on Gangnam Style?


No but seriously, I f***ing LOVE that song. When I first saw it, my initial reaction was, "Okay. What the HELL did I just watch?" Two days later, it was on my phone and I was busting out with the full dance. I LOVE it, but especially because if you read the translated lyrics, and the interviews with Psy, he's openly mocking the lavish lifestyles of certain groups of people as well as certain social laws. I love controversial songs I can get down to, haha! And I'm pretty sure if I ever meet Psy in person, I will lose my natural mind.

Where can fans find more of you?

My Facebook:


Instagram: @kurosunesuicide

And my SG page! (NSFW)


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