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Suicide bomber assassinates top Pakistani police chief

A top Pakistani police commander known for directing successful counterterrorism operations against the Taliban was killed in a bomb explosion in the city of Karachi on Thursday, according to Pakistan's news media.

Chief Aslam is a loss for the people who Pakistan who want to be free of religious tyranny and bloodshed.

Police Chief Chaudhry Aslam, the commanding officer of the city's anti-terror task force, and three other law enforcement officers died during a terrorist attack on a police convoy in the city, according to reports.

The Pakistani Taliban immediately claimed they had carried out Thursday's attack on the city police, specifically targeting Chief Aslam, who they claim tortured and killed suspected Taliban members.

The suicide bomber drove a car carrying an improvised explosive device (IED) and smashed into Aslam's police convoy. Police say that the crime scene included both vehicles and buildings destroyed by the powerful IED.

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn quoted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif saying, "We will not let the will of the nation be crushed by these cowardly acts by terrorists."

During Police Chief Aslam's final counterterrorism attack on a suspected Taliban hideout earlier on Thursday, three terrorists were wounded during the intense gunfight, but upon arrival at hospital they were all pronounced dead, according to reports.

The Pakistani Taliban, a/k/a Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, has stated the group's objectives are resistance against the Pakistani state, enforcement of their interpretation of Sharia law, and a plan to unite against U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan.

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