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Stunning German shepherd up for adoption on South Florida Craigslist

Boa is listed on Craigslist and is in serious need of a home.
Craig's List

A Craigslist advertisement from nearly a week ago is desperately seeking a good home for a five-year-old German shepherd in the Plantation, Miami area of South Florida. The beautiful dog is listed as extremely healthy and just as sweet. The advertisement describing Boa states:

"He is a very calm companion and laying by your feet is all he wants. When you have time, he occasionally enjoys tugging on a rope toy. After a stressful day he curls up next to me and makes sure I feel better."

Boa has been neutered and even comes with a transferable prepaid health plan which "completely covers routine care (shots, checkups), 50% off surgical / blood work, and 10% off everything else (supplements)."

The owner also offers to return the adoption fee ($100) as a credit to the vet of your choice.

As a reason for relocating Boa to a new home, the poster writes:

"I'm giving this dog up because I was forced to move (lease not renewed apt sold). He is a foster and no one would accept him in addition to my dogs. I will need to drop him at a pet shelter by 8/16, and they will likely euthanize due to him not being a puppy. Please save his life and contact me immediately!"

Because there was an overwhelming response from people all over the United States offering to adopt Duke, the German shepherd, whose story about his owners surrendering the dog after Duke saved the family from a bear attack, is now the reason the National Pet Rescue Examiner offers this story and the plight of Boa. Please realize there is no way to validate any of the facts. Please be warned to always verify any information you receive when responding to any advertisement.

Below is the contact information for this poster:

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