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String of 'knockout game' attacks in Denver

Nick Lloyd
Nick LloydCBS

On New Year's Eve, there were at least three separate unprovoked attacks which took place in the trendy LoDo section of downtown Denver.

In each case, white pedestrians were approached by a large group of young black males, who punched and beat them to the ground.

One of the victims, Nick Lloyd, who was attacked, along with a companion, told CBS4:

He got hit, I got hit. We were picking each other up, and that’s really all I remember of the whole ordeal. So my lower jaw is broken on both sides … my whole cheek is pushed in."

"It was just out of nowhere. They didn’t say anything, there was no warning, we had no chance to defend ourselves or do anything about it," Lloyd continued.

Lloyd will need to undergo reconstructive surgery to repair the damage.

In all, four people, including a woman was attacked by the same group of black males, according to police.

No arrests have been made, nor have any suspects been named at this time.

While such attacks are becoming a rather common occurrence in big cities, the so-called 'knockout game' beatings have now spread to small towns in more rural sections of the country as well.

This brutal 'game' has truly become a national issue.

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