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Stretching soothes

What are your thoughts about stretching? Do you think it is healthy to do this? Do you stretch as part of your regular exercise routine?

Improve your psyche not only by physical stretching but also by appreciating nature such as the scenery in this stretch of beach.
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If you feel stiff and you suffer a lot of aches and pains, perhaps you should consider implementing this practice into your life.

Jolie Bookspan, M.Ed, PhD, FAWM, offered this insight. “The average person is often too tight to just stand up straight. This is functional tightness. The idea of stretching needs to be reframed as specific retraining to restore healthy length to your muscles, so that you no longer stand, sit, and move with strained unhealthful positioning.”

Much of the physical pain individuals suffer is caused by bad posture and stretching can offset and balance this unhealthy stance.

According to information communicated by Sonya Collins, it is beneficial to stretch “major muscle groups” at least twice per week. She goes on to state it is helpful to stretch prior to a workout. It is important to “feel the stretch” but it isn’t healthy to hold it until it hurts.

Most commonly known, stretching improves motion and muscle length that has been previously minimized.

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The bottom line, if you’re not exercising, and you’re suffering a lot of physical and/or mental pain, compromise by adding stretches to your weekly routine. Take a few minutes, at least twice a week, to slowly and purposefully stretch your body. You might think this is purely a physical endeavor although it offers just as much spiritually to the psyche as it does physically. Stretching soothes the soul; think of it as a breathing meditation and do it as often as possible!

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