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Strategies for winning your Seal o' Piracy for April 2014

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Ahoy, puzzling pirates everywhere! Have you acquired your Seal o' Piracy for April 2014 yet? If not, you've got just one more day to snag it. Take a trip with the navy or your favorite pillaging crew. Wrangle the secrets of buried treasure, glimmering shipwrecks, or the movements of Brigand Kings from your victims. Seek out sea monsters, ghosts, and zombies in their natural habitat. These are among those actions that you can take to add to your Explorer reputation. To win your Seal o' Piracy, it's said that you must perform three (3) of them.

But what, exactly, does that mean? This question came up in the previous overview of this month's Seal. Since then, your Puzzle Pirates Examiner has earned her Seal for no less than seven pirates across the five production oceans (her subscription is lapsed and awaiting renewal, thus putting the test ocean Ice out of reach). She's kept careful track of her actions throughout the month. If you've made the logical assumption that the Seal requires three different actions that add to your Explorer reputation, the results may surprise you.

  • Teshka (Cerulean) - Two separate actions: Travel, Buried treasure expedition
  • Millefleur (Meridian) - Three separate actions: Travel, Shipwreck expedition, Ship graveyard
  • Oshun (Meridian) - Three separate actions: Travel, Imperial outpost, Atlantean citadel
  • Nensieuisge (Emerald) - Three separate actions: Travel, Cursed isle, Atlantean citadel
  • Millefleur (Emerald) - Three separate actions: Travel, Shipwreck expedition, Cursed isle
  • Serenidad (Jade) - Two separate actions: Travel, Buried treasure expedition
  • Serenidad (Opal) - Three separate actions: Travel, Brigand king hunt, Buried treasure expedition

A few conclusions:

Under some circumstances, "travel the ocean" may count as two of your actions, but will not complete your Seal alone. Both Teshka and Serenidad (Jade) spent quite some just sitting on navy ships while their player was off doing writerly things in other windows. Then their first other action got them their Seals. I've double-checked my chat logs, mateys; there's no third action for those two lucky pirates that I just failed to take note of. I'm not sure why that was the case for them and not for my pirate on Opal, but since it's a possibility, you might as well try it. Let's say you've got some work to do tomorrow, some household chores, whatever. Pop your pirate on a "puzzle with the navy" mission and then leave the game client to quietly disconnect itself after sustained inactivity. That just might net you a second "travel" action. Then, when your chores are done, or you're home from school, or you finally finish that tedious spreadsheet task at work, you might get your Seal after only one action requiring active playtime.

You don't have to change your reputation's fame label for "travel the ocean" to count as an action. On at least one pirate (Nensieuisge) I received the seal without my reputation changing its fame label during the "travel" action. It may have changed after visiting the Cursed Isle, but we know that visiting the Cursed Isle is an action that counts regardless of what your fame as an Explorer is. Knowing that, you can pretty much count on "travel the ocean" to more or less happen by itself, since no matter what other action you take, you'll have to travel a league or three to get to it--unless for some reason you're constantly answering voyage job offers as the crew sits at the expedition league point. I guess that could be a problem for you. But if it is, and you've already got two distinct actions on your record this month, just hop a navy mission and wait for the inevitable.

All of the actions listed on the Reputation Yppedia page count. For some reason I wasn't sure about Imperial Outposts and Brigand King Hunts. Well, they count too.

Your best bet is just to pilly. It can be frustrating trying to get hired onto an Atlantean Citadel run when the officer in charge is screening for Legendary swordfighters, or if you're on an underpopulated ocean where no one goes sea monster hunting. But don't despair! While winning expeditions during a pillage is less certain, it happens at a frequent enough rate that if you just focus on jobbing on, or captaining, regular voyages, you'll probably find yourself digging up buried treasure or hauling the goods off a shipwreck after your third or fourth battle. You do have to win those battles to win the expedition, though, so find yourself a battle navigator who knows what they're doing--or be one yourself!

Good luck, mateys! Bring that trophy home!