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Strangers save family's heroic dog who was shot by intruders

Charlie the hero dog
Charlie the hero dog
North Central Shelter Intervention Program

Charlie was gravely injured when she helped chase away armed intruders who threatened her Los Angeles, Calif., area family's safety earlier this month.

North Central Shelter Intervention Program

As Charlie raced to chase the intruders from her home, the criminals fired shots which severely wounded two of her legs.

What happened next was a beautiful show of humanity for an injured, faithful dog and her family who struggled to pay for the veterinary care that she needed to recover.

The North Central Shelter Intervention Program, an organization created to help people keep the pets they love by connecting them with the resources they need, shared Charlie's story on their Facebook page on Feb. 23, and the plea for help was promptly reposted to the Bill Foundation Facebook page.

The response was nearly instantaneous - donations for the wounded dog began to pour in.

The North Central Shelter Intervention Program shared this update on the same date that the original story was posted:

We are stunned, overwhelmed and overjoyed. The biggest THANK YOU in the world to Annie Hart and The Bill Foundation for helping the North Central Shelter Intervention Program raise over $4,000 in about 49 minutes! All for the medical care of Charlie the dog who was shot while defending his family from an intruder. Any money that does not go directly to Charlie will be used for helping other families keep the pets they love.

Initially, without the funds to properly treat Charlie, the dog was surrendered to the North Central Animal Shelter. However, after the intervention program stepped in and good Samaritans began to donate, Charlie not only received the care she needed, but she was able to rejoin her family.

On Tuesday, the following heartwarming update was posted:

Charlie Girl Update! She is reunited with her family! We drove with the family for Charlie's appointment at ASEC. After reviewing her x-rays Dr. Summerville decided that an amputation of Charlie's front leg was the best option and her owners agreed. So Charlie will be staying at the vet for a couple days and then heading home to heal up. She was soooo happy to see her family and many tears were shed all around. Charlie's family thanks everyone for all their well wishes, outpouring of support and generosity!

Updates on Charlie's recuperation here.

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