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Storm safety experts urge public to prepare now for coming tornado season

With frigid air masses gripping much of the Nation, tornado safety is the last thing on most people’s minds. But for weather safety professionals, this lull in twisters is one of the most critical times of the year.

National Weather Service records show a three-year average of 88 tornadoes in January. The monthly averages increase after January as cold air from the north begins to meet warm, moist air moving north from the Gulf of Mexico. By mid-April, the “tornado season” is in full swing.

Safety experts urge the public to use the months of January and February to update and practice their tornado emergency plans. “Many communities plan their annual severe awareness programs in January and February,” says Leo Fabi of “In the deep south, it’s not unusual to see serious tornado threats as early as late February. As the season progresses, the threat shifts northwest into the Tornado Alley regions of Texas and Oklahoma.”

The experts at recommend parents teach their children about severe weather safety, including where to go in the event of a tornado warning.

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