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Stolen puppy reunited with homeless guardian

Max is home
Max is home
Contributed photo

A five-month-old puppy, who was stolen on Sunday while his homeless guardian was inside of a Riverside, Calif., store, has been found and returned to his owner.

Contributed photo

The non-profit charity organization, Taking it to the Streets with Lori and Shira, which was scouring the area to help find the individuals who were suspected of stealing the puppy, along with the woman's walker, notified their Facebook fans on Wednesday with details about the touching reunion which took place this morning:

A call came in from CVS on Market Street. The person calling said that there was a woman there with the dog we were trying to find. I said we would be there in five minutes as we were only a couple of miles away.

It seems the woman who turned ‘Max’ in said she wanted to meet the owner of the dog. She thought there might be a reward.

The employee mentioned waiting might not be a good idea being that she is the one who stole the dog and they have it on video surveillance to prove it. The woman left the store and we arrived soon after.

There was ‘Max’ in his carrier on top of the walker. He looked so sad until we called his name and then he was so excited. His collar and leash were gone so we got one out of the hatch and drove towards the area his companion camps making a call to her phone on the way. She did not answer and we were not sure if the phone battery was dead. We kept driving and then she called.

What you see in this collage is the first few moments they were reunited. It was so sad that it too ‘Max’ a second to realize he was safe and back with the woman who loves him but once he knew it was her he could not stop jumping on her and licking her.

It is unclear at this point in time if any charges will be made against the alleged thief.

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