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Stingray charges man swimming: Video shows 'foolish' swimmer taunting stingray

The video of a giant stingray charging at a man in waist-deep water has gone viral. This unbelievable video has been a highlight of morning news shows today after the man appears to play a game of chicken with this deadly creature.

A stingray charges at a man after the man taunted the creature. The video of the stingray charging this swimmer has gone viral.
YouTube screen shot

The Age reports on June 9, that the man actually dives at the stingray, taunting the creature in shallow water. The gigantic stingray is about the size of the man who for some reason decided to taunt the humongous creature, which created one dangerous situation.

The Gold Coast swimmer dives on top of the stingray and then turns his back on the creature who turns and charges the man. The man then dives for a second time, but this dive was to get away from the stingray quickly closing in.

The creature has been identified as an estuary ray, which is common in the waters off southeast Queensland and New South Wales. The man is lucky, as the stingray doesn't appear to flick its tail at the man, which may have caused a fatal ending to this chase.

According to the Telegraph today, Dr Johnathan Werry, who is a Gold Coast marine expert, viewed the footage of the man being charged by a large stingray and believes the creature was warning the swimmer to "back off." A stingray doesn't normally go after people unless they are provoked for some reason or feel threatened.

"That is pretty rare behavior, you don't see that too often," said Werry. The stingray usually reacts with a "flight response" and gets away as quickly as possibly, added the expert. He believes the stingray might have felt "trapped."

The stingray did not get its tail aligned for an attack, so Werry believes the creature was actually giving the swimmer a warning. As you can see in the video, the foolish swimmer who thought he'd taunt the stingray looked frightened when it was his turn to flee the area while being chased by the creature.

The Gold Coast News calls the man a "foolish" swimmer and warns that this incident could have had a tragic ending. One of the most memorable attacks from a stingray happened about eight years ago when a man, who was an expert on marine life, died when a stingray impaled him in the water.

It was a stingray's stinger barb that killed wild life expert Steve Irwin in 2006. The sting ray stabbed the popular TV personality in the heart while he was filming a documentary. He died shortly after the attack.

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