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Steve Deace compares gay marriage to bank robbery

Steve Deace
Steve Deace
Salem Radio Network

On February 26th, 2014, religious authoritarian talk show host Steve Deace hosted fellow lunatic Michael Peroutka to gripe about, among other things, Sen. Rand Paul's silence on the striking down of Kentucky's gay marriage ban.

After reciting the usual "freedom to discriminate" talking points, Deace went even further into fringe lunacy than even some of his American Taliban cohorts have delved.

"Would Jesus bake a cake for homosexuals wanting to get quote-unquote 'married'?" Deace asked. "I don't know. Would Jesus drive the getaway car for bank robbers in Christian love, just to be Christ-like, of course, to be relevant, to be hip?

Because comparing gay marriage to bank robbery was not outrageous enough for Deace, he continued:

"Would Jesus find all the cool places for you to go download porn so you can pleasure yourself while your wife’s not awake? Would Jesus find all the cool lies for you to share with your girlfriend so she can mislead her husband about who she’s doing her time with and what she’s doing with that person? Would Jesus help you be your wingman and find a place to hide your wedding ring while you’re trolling for chicks at the bar when you’re away on a business trip?

"The fact that there is even a debate shows that there is barely a heartbeat left in this culture. This is a culture that's circling the drain as we speak. And now we have an entire movement of people that thinks they get to undo all of Western civilization and rewrite the Constitution based on their definition of equality, which has never existed in human history until now."

To answer Deace's question: No, Jesus probably would not have driven the getaway car. However, given that Jesus practiced loving his enemies and was considered a criminal in his own right, he very likely would have tolerated them.

Deace, in contrast, not only condemned people who showed acceptance for a member of the LGBT community, but has openly admitted to fantasizing about physically assaulting him.

Does that sound like something Jesus would do?

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